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Sitemaster Training

If your department has a web page (or pages) and you would like to learn to edit them, we are happy to train you how to become a site master. Site masters have the ability to update and create web pages. They have access only to their assigned section of the site.

The CMS is designed so that people who are not web developers can create web content. At the most basic level, your main task is to edit and add text. If you know how to type, copy, and paste in Word, you will be able to do this in the CMS.

Other elements of a web page—for example, photos, links, and navigation—do require some training, but not a computer science degree. In addition, the Marketing staff provides support and guidance to all CMS users. Our goal is to make maintaining your web pages a quick, easy process.

All new site masters are required to have an initial training session. The training session lasts about 40 minutes and is conducted in the Webmaster’s office. To sign up for training, please send an email to

Please include in your training request email:

  • your name
  • your department
  • the web pages or section of the website to which you would like access

Someone from the Webmaster’s office will get back to you shortly to schedule your training session.

Webmaster's Office