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Social Media

In the past few years, Social Media has become an increasingly popular tool for communication.  As technology evolves, we can expect that the mediums will continue to grow in both functionality and popularity.  We do not currently have a policy governing the use of Social Media tools, but the Webmaster's office has prepared this page to assist the colleges & departments in their Social Media endeavors.

Midwestern State University already has a presence on many of the social networks and we expect it to grow.  Please use the guidelines below to help maintain a strong, consistent communications strategy.


Naming Conventions

  • Try to use Midwestern State University when naming your account.  This helps distinguish us from other colleges and universities with MSU as their initials.
  • If possible, avoid acronyms.  Not everyone will be familiar with our University acronyms.
  • If your college or department name are too long to be used in the full form, abbreviate as necessary.  Be sure to use the full name and Midwestern State University in your bio and/or description.


University Logo

In 2012, Public Information & Marketing released a guideline for how the university logo can be used.  If you intend to use the university logo to identify your account with Midwestern, be sure to visit and go to Public Information to see how the university logo can and can't be used.


Page Managers

We ask that anyone that creates a social media page for their college/department please add as a manager/editor to their page so that if for any reason, you leave the university we have access to the account.  If you need help in doing this please email and we would be happy to help you.


Do's & Dont's

This section is still being developed.  Please check back often for updates.