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Occasionally, we find resources that are exciting, innovative, and educational. 
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Quandary is an application for creating interactive case-studies. The user can create Web-based Action Mazes for problem-solving, diagnosis, surveys, etc. Check it out! 


The university is studying the components of Tk20 that can help us collect and use data to inform us on what is working and what needs to be refined. This tool helps with collecting data for reports such as SACS. West College of Education has been using this tool since the beginning of last semester.

One of Tk20's products, CampusTools CampusWide is a comprehensive assessment and reporting system for collecting and managing your program, departmental, and institutional data, both academic and non-academic, for the measurement of accountability, institutional effectiveness, and for accreditation.

CampusWide lets you collect all your data systematically, plan your assessments, compare them against specified outcomes/objectives, and generate detailed reports for compliance, analysis, and program improvement.