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Compact with Texans

Midwestern State University stands ready to provide quality instruction and scholastic opportunity for the people of Texas and beyond.  Quality service will be provided to the individuals the university serves.  We are pleased as an institution of higher education in Texas to make this "Compact with Texans".

Services Offered

The primary service that Midwestern State University provides is undergraduate and graduate education.
To support this goal, the university makes available the services listed below to students enrolled at the institution.

  • Academic Success Center

    The ASC provides various support services to assist students in pursuing their academic degree including Undecided Student Advising,Supplemental Instruction, and MWSU courses 1233 and 1003. 

    Phone: (940) 397-4864.
    Web Address:

  • Admissions

    MSU Admissions manages the recruitment and application processing for the university. Their office also manages campus visits, special events for prospective students and general merit undergraduate scholarship programs.

    Phone: (800) 842-1922.
    Web Address:

  • Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center assists students in addressing academic and non-academic challenges, as well as accommodations and counseling for disabled students. 

    Phone: (940) 397-4618.
    Web Address:

  • Financial Aid

    Information is made available to students concerning various financial aid opportunities including grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships.

    Phone: (940) 397-4214
    Web Address:

  • Medical Services

    The Vinson Health Center is staffed to serve the medical needs of the student body.

    Phone: (940) 397-4231.
    Web Address:

  • Career Management Center

    Presents opportunities for students to be introduced and guided through the professional development process focusing on preparing students for significant and personally satisfying careers and on teaching students how to market themselves effectively to prospective employers. Services include resume and cover letter development, job search and interview skill building, graduate school planning and preparation, business etiquette training, on-campus employer interviewing, career/job fairs, and job vacancy notice postings.

    Phone: (940) 397-HIRE.
    Web Address:

  • Testing Services

    MSU Testing Services offers a wide variety of testing services to the Midwestern State University community as well as to citizens of Wichita Falls and surrounding communities.Testing Services offers national and statewide exams, computer-based testing, and local and correspondence exams.MSU Testing Services is a member of the National College Testing Association and is a part of the Consortium of College Testing Centers. For more information on an individual exam, come by the testing office in Hardin South, room 224.

    Phone: (940) 397-4676.
    Web Address:

  • University Housing and Residence Life

    The University Housing and Residence Life program is a vital part of the Midwestern campus community.The program is intended to support the educational mission of the university through programs, activities, services, facilities, and personnel that promote anatmosphere in university housing conducive to meeting the academic, social, cultural, and personal/developmental needs of residential students.

    Phone: (940) 397-4217.
    Web Address:

  • Library

    Moffett Library supports the curriculum of the university and the needs of the students for library and information materials.

    Phone: (940) 397-4204.
    Web Address:

  • Computer and Internet Accessibility

    The university provides many computing and network resources for use by students and others affiliated with the university.

    Phone: (940) 397-4278.
    Web Address:

  • Cultural and Enrichment Activities

    Programs offered through the Artist-Lecture Series, University Programming Board, academic program areas and student organizations enhance the cultural and intellectual atmosphere of the university.

    Phone: (940) 397-4500.
    Web Address:

  • Registrar

    The Office of the Registrar coordinates the registration of classes and maintains the official academic records of all MSU students.This office is also responsible for handling Veterans’ Affairs, performing degree audits for candidates for graduation, and providing transcripts and verification of enrollment.  In most cases, transcript requests can be processed in one day. However, in peak periods, such as registration or grading, please allow 2-3 days for processing.

    Phone: (940) 397-4321.
    Web Address:

  • The Student Development Office

    This office provides access to volunteer activities, leadership training and facilitation, access to over 100 student organizations, Greek life and Greek governing councils, and to the Student Success series, a series of speakers selected from today's pertinent topics among college students.

    Phone: (940) 397-4898
    Web Address:

  • Dining Services

    At MSU provides students with a variety of food in a relaxing atmosphere.Resident students, except for those living in Sunwatcher Village or Bridwell Courts, are required to select a meal plan. The dining hall provides four daily theme lines, along with a salad bar and dessert bar. The Sundance Food Court provides students access to a variety of food options outside of the dining hall.

    Phone: (940) 397-4203
    Web Address:


Customer Service Principles

Midwestern State University offers a diverse opportunity for quality higher education to the people of Texas and the general southwest region, as well as international students. Dedicated to the principles of academic excellence and productive scholarship, the university offers an educational program, which provides the foundation for specialized studies as well as the basis for a lifetime of personal growth.

To support its mission, MSU provides the customer services listed above.


Customer Service Goals, Objectives, and Standards

Through its programs, Midwestern State University seeks:

  • to provide quality instruction and scholastic opportunity for the people of Texas and beyond:
  • to recruit, enroll and retain a diverse student body;
  • to provide federal, state, local and institutional funds to assist students in obtaining their educational goals;
  • to enhance programs which will contribute to the cultural, social, moral, intellectual, and physical development of students;
  • to provide quality physical facilities which are attractive, functional, efficient, and ecologically responsive which will facilitate learning and support the mission of the university;
  • to promote diversity, intellectual curiosity and increased accessibility to campus and community resources;
  • to increase Midwestern State University’s utilization of historically underutilized businesses; and
  • to expand the university outreach programs, which will increase awareness of, and participation in MSU programs and activities and the benefits provided which enhance this region of Texas and beyond.


Wait Times:

Educational services are delivered during scheduled class times, scheduled office hours, and scheduled student advisement hours; there are generally no wait times for these services. Educational support services are delivered on demand or by appointment as appropriate. Some heavily used services such as Counseling have wait times of up to three days for non-emergency appointments; however, emergency situations are always handled immediately.

Receiving Information:

Pertinent material is provided to students in the form of the student handbook, student newspaper, weekly university bulletin, Student Government, representation on the Administrative Council, representation on the Academic Council, representation on the Enrollment Management Council, representation of the Student Affairs Council, written memoranda, student orientation and other group meetings, MSU cable television Channel 2, and various publications that are published by different components of the university, such as the Moffett Library and athletics. Many forms are now available online.

Prospective students receive information from the Office of Admissions by return mail after any inquiry. General financial aid inquiries are answered immediately; targeted inquiries may take up to one week.

Complaint Handling:

The process for filing complaints depends on the particular issue involved. However, the general process is overall the same. The person who files the complaint is expected to start at the first level of the administrative structure and can proceed until the final decision level, which can be the president’s office if necessary. In some cases, the Board of Regents may be asked to review the matter. However, a complaint can be resolved at any level of the process and may not need to go beyond the first level initial contact.

For example, in the academic area, the student is asked to present the complaint in the following sequence:

  • Faculty member involved,
  • Department chair,
  • Dean,
  • Associate Provost,
  • President.


A complaint dealing with student services would follow this sequence:

  • director of the area involved,
  • Dean of Students,
  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs,
  • President.


A complaint involving the business area (including business office, information systems, and physical plant) would follow this sequence:

  • director of the area involved,
  • Vice President for Administration and Finance,
  • President.

The initial response to a student complaint will be no more than three school days if the administrator is in town.

Grievance Procedures:

It is the policy of Midwestern State University to receive, process, and resolve student grievances, including allegations of discrimination, harassment, and grade appeals, in a fair and prompt manner. The grievance procedures are outlined in the MSU Student Handbook and Activities Calendar, which is revised yearly and distributed to every student. These procedures mandate a maximum of sixty days for the most extensive grievance, with appropriate safeguards for the student filing the grievance. A full statement of students’ rights and responsibilities also appears in the MSU Student Handbook and Activities Calendar.

Customer Service Representative:

All offices of the university are asked to be involved in customer service as noted in the above section on how complaints are handled by the university.  Ms. Cindy Ashlock has been identified as the university’s Customer Service Representative. Ms. Ashlock meets the state’s requirement that this representative coordinate customer service performance measurement. Additionally, Ms. Ashlock can readily direct students to the appropriate person when questions or concerns arise.


Contact information:

Cindy Ashlock
Executive Assistant to the President
Midwestern State University
3410 Taft Boulevard
Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Hardin Administration Building Room 107
Phone: (940) 397-4211