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Placement Exams

FAQ & Information:  

The only students who are eligible to take the MSU Placement Exams and are required to do so are the following:

  • Students who were THEA exempt by "grand fathering" (3 college hours before 09/01/1989), by the active duty military exemption, or by the recommended or advanced high school curriculum with a 3.5 gpa on the 4.0 scale, who do not have transcripts on file indicating credit for college-level English and/or math.
  • Students who passed the math THEA prior to 09/01/1993, must take the MSU math placement test unless transcripts are on file indicating college-level math credit.
  • Students who are THEA exempt by the 3.5 high school GPA requirement or the active duty requirement must take the Placement Test if a transcript is not on file indicating credit for college-level English or math.

The math section of the placement test will cover topics included in high school Algebra I and Algebra II.

Placement exams are given prior to the beginning of each semester.