The ATI TEAS is a computer-based entrance exam used by Respiratory Care for admittance into the program.


  1. How much does the ATI TEAS cost?
    The cost of the
     ATI TEAS exam is $60.
  2. What does the ATI TEAS consist of and how long is the exam?
    ATI TEAS exam consists of two timed sections which include Reading & English.  The time allowed for each section: the English section is 34 minutes, and the Reading section is 58 minutes.
  3. When will I receive my score report?
    A score report will print immediately following the exam.
  4. How many times may I take the ATI TEAS exam?
    ATI TEAS exam may only be taken twice during a 6 month period.
  5. When is the ATI TEAS offered and how do I schedule an appointment?
    ATI TEAS exam is offered Monday thru Thursday at either 8:30, 10, or 1:30 by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment, please call the Testing Center at 397-4676.
    • December - April 1 : Dental Hygiene
    • End of January - April 13 : Respiratory Care