A.F. “Prof” Edwards taught history.
Elizabeth Brown, the first teacher to sign
a contract to teach exclusively at the new
college, taught biology. In
Midwestern State
University, The Better Part of a Century
Dr. Everett Kindig describes Brown as
petite and personable,” a popular teacher
with a zoo lab complete with mounted birds
and skeletons.
Newby Staton died June 25, 1967, at age 58,
in Dallas. His obituary listed as his survivors
wife, Dorothy; daughter, Mrs. J.W. Jones;
mother, Bertie Staton; brothers, Herman
and Rosco Merrill Staton; and an uncle. His
father Rosco preceded him in death. Newby
had lived in Dallas for 20 years and was a
comptroller for a manufacturing firm. He
is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Wichita
Falls. Staton’s address at 1600 12th St. in
Wichita Falls has long been lost to a parking
lot for what is now United
Regional Hospital.
Were Newby Staton and Robert Taylor
friends? How did their notes end up in an
abandoned car, only to be found decades
later? Did education make their lives
better? The notes raise more questions
that can be answered, but still provide a
fascinating glimpse into academia in the
early years of MSU.
The notes will be archived at Moffett Library on the
Midwestern State University campus.