It’s the only one like it in the U.S.,” he
said.When Wyatt approached him about
the training center, Clark was supportive,
especially with its ties to the minor as an
academic outlet. Clark is optimistic about
future expansion of the program. “We’re
going to open the door and see where it
goes,” he said.
Wyatt said that MSU will be looking for
ways to draw community members to the
research center. “The cycling research
center is a truly unique resource for
cyclists at MSU, as well as the greater
Wichita Falls community. Our vision is
that everyone who uses the center is being
supervised not only by faculty, but by
students,”Wyatt said.
They’re getting real
hands-on experience
with testing, with
training, with things
associated with the
science of cycling. It’s
not enough to merely
feel faster; with these
tests, we’ll have
quantitative scientific
data that tells us
exactly how much
faster we are.”