Nan Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. L. Frank Jones
Virginia N. Jones
Patricia R. Justin
Kalco Machine and
Manufacturing Company
Mary and David Kimbell Jr.
George T. Kimbell
Dr. Kyle and Jill King
Linda (‘96, ‘97) and Don (‘04)
Dr. (‘73) and Mrs. David L.
Blake Laing (‘87)
Vickie and Munir (‘86) Lalani/
Lalani Lodging Inc.
Kelley (‘01) and Keith Lamb
Michael L. Land
Mary and Lane Larance
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Lee
Joan and Justin LeVasseur
Karen (‘87) and Matt (‘87)
Nesha (‘08) and Mark (‘85) Lewis
Marie Lively
LMH Energy
Lone Star Conference
Kenneth C. Long
Linda and Fred Lowder
Luby’s Cafeteria
Valine (‘63) and Ray Lunn
Lunn’s Colonial Funeral Home
Lyne Energy Partners, LP
Jane (‘84) and Barry (‘77) Macha
Mad Medics Plus Three, Inc.
DeeAnn and Noros (‘65) Martin
Robert McBroom Jr. and Bridgette
B. McBroom (‘91)
Vicki (‘83, ‘85) and Mike (‘86)
Barbara McCracken
McDonald’s Restaurant (RACM
Manon and Neil McMullen
Peggye McNair (‘65)
Ann (‘77, ‘95, ‘97) and Rick
Kim (‘99) and Bill (‘90) Mercer
Barbara (‘76, ‘80) and Greg Merkle
Mary Jo and Rudy Miller
Leigh (‘86, ‘89) and Dana “Cy”
Mrs. Doyle Monaghan
Dot (‘71) and James Irl
Betsy (‘78) and Danny* Moore/
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Moran Jr.
Marie Morgan
Ronnie Mosier (‘76)
Mr. and Mrs. Diaz W. Murray
Carol and Milburn Nutt
Jan Marie and Jimmy (‘75) Oakley
Ann and Bob Osborne
Maleta Henson Pallmeyer (‘50)
Dr. (‘94) and Mrs. Bruce Lee
Luci (‘10) and Michael (‘91) Paris
Park Place Apartments, L.P.
Marjorie and Richard (‘58, ‘59)
Linda and Gary Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pitcock Jr.
Dianne and Mark Prothro
Dr. and Mrs. Blaine Purcell
Dr. Alisa Ratzlaff
Judy and Roy Reid
Linda (‘71) and Lyn Reinhardt
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Renton Jr.
J.C. & W.F. Reynolds
Sheila and Craig (‘82) Reynolds
Carol Ann (‘66) and Bill (‘66, ‘71)
Gretta Hogan Robb
Robert Seabury Company
Elizabeth R. Roberts
Rotary Club of Wichita Falls
Loma and Robert Rugeley
Sara (‘83) and Phil Rugeley
Eva (‘61) and Bobby (‘63) Rusk
Camille and Steve Ruyle
Carolyn and Tom Sanders
Johnnie Marie Sauder
Ann and Wilson Scaling
Bruce D. Schaubhut (‘92)
Mr. (‘40) and Mrs. Robert S.
Kristin (‘98) and H. P. Schuele
Jeri and Rod (‘72) Schumacher
Johnnie F. Schwalbe (‘72)
Jeannie and Robert Seabury
Lula Cahoon Seydell
Sharp Iron Group, LLC
Marsha and Allen* Sharp
Thomas Shaw (‘51)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Sherrill Jr.
Gary H. Shores
Sikes Senter Mall
Gail and Tom Simpson
Rick Sims
Dr. and Mrs. Earl Singleton
Mrs. Ikard Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Smith/
Steven L. Smith, M.D. (‘73)
Karen and James (‘87) Speed
Dr. (‘71) and Mrs. Michael
Spiller Jr.
Ed Spragins
John (‘69) and Marilyn Stafford
Angela (‘94) and Brian Stahler
State Farm Companies Foundation
Evelyn M. Staten
Jan and Barry Steele
Dr. Anthony E. Stephens (‘64)
Brenda and Tom Stephens
Stone Creek Ranch Apartments
Dr. Susan M. Strate
Shelly Strohman DDS PLLC
Joan and Roger (‘61) Swanner
Dr. Lucy Tan
Glenda (‘81) and Frank Tate/
Emma Dell Taubert
Julia Lee Taubert Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Taylor
Heather and Walter Tedford
Texas Oklahoma Junior Golf
Tournament, Inc.
Billy Thacker (‘77)
Sue Thacker
Carolyn West Thom
Dr. (‘78) and Mrs. T. Kevin Thomas
Jan and Gary Thompson
Transport Logistics, Inc.
Trans-Star Ambulance
Union Square Federal Credit Union
Kathy (‘91) and Adrian Van Dyke
Carol and Hulse Wagner
Walsh and Watts Inc.
Marty Warrick
Dorothy Watkins
Linda Singer Webb, MD, PA (‘70)
Alice and Gordon West
Ronda and Todd Whittley
Wichita Falls Art Association Inc.
Wichita Falls Chapter of TSCPA
Wichita Falls Museum Foundation
Larry Stanton Wiese (‘90)
Ann S. and E. Wray (‘55) Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Williamson
Charity and Carl Willis
Linda (‘79) and Rob Wilson
Wilson Office Supply Company
Rosagene Wilson
Wingler & Sharp Architects &
Planners Inc.
Pat and David Wolverton
Richard E. Woodruff and family
in memory of Peggie Woodruff
Robert Woodruff
Betty and Ben Woody
Kelly and Pitts Yandell
Nancy Holman Yeager (‘76)
University Society
$750 - $999
Sandy (Duckworth) (‘60) and
Jerry (‘62) Allison
Bishop Realtor Group, Inc.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
John A. Caras, M.D.
Mary Helen and Walter (‘74)
Lori and Michael Couch
Marilyn (‘80) and Horace (‘52)
Rheu Nell (Fudge) (‘61, ‘75) and
Charles (‘61, ‘72) Horton
On the Border Mexican Grill &
Peter L. Rue (‘86)
Debbie Wells (‘11)
A.B. Wharton (‘73)
Newman Young (‘56, ‘69)
Midwestern Society
$500 - $749
Cheryl Cooper Baber (‘87)
Casey Barry
Mario (‘54, ‘55) and Rose Belotti
BlackRock Financial
Management, Inc.
BNSF Foundation
Lana and Kenny (‘95) Boner
Dr. (‘78) and Mrs. (‘79) Allen
Karen (‘05) and Lane Brock
B.L. Bryans (‘49)
Burk Royalty Company Ltd.
C. Dan Campbell
Morley D. Campbell
Carrigan Career Center
Robert Carriker (‘67)
Minnie and Carroll (‘73) Casteel
Wen-Li Chang (‘81)
Ceil Cleveland (‘71)
Crampton Oil Company
Charles Edwards (‘55)
Sherry and Scott (‘80) Fitts
Dr. (‘89) and Mrs. Ralph J.
Galerie Pavilion
Ginger and Terry Garbacz
Paula Baumgardner Georgiana
(‘68, ‘78)
Dr. and Mrs. M. Gayle Glidewell
Global Technical Services, Inc.
Olga and James (‘72, ‘76, ‘77)
Brenda and John Hera
Georgann Higgins (‘73, ‘78)
Michele and Jack Hirschhorn
Sara and Phil (‘85) Hoedebeck
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Hood
Deloris Hummel (‘82)
Eugenia and Frank-Paul King
Drs. Nicholas and Rita Kong
Peter D. Koplyay (‘88)
Lee Ann and Wilburn (‘68) Lear
Cecile Leming
C. Scott Linn
Dona and Kenneth (‘73) Looney
Rita and Perry Luig
Theresa and Roger Martinez
Mary Helen and Bill Maskill
Sylvia Deal Maxfield (‘56)
Kathy (‘92) and Dave (‘92)
Jackie Moore (‘83)
Jerry Patton Moser (Mrs. Jake
W. Moser)
Patricia Ann Nelson
Brittany J. Norman (‘11)
Raymond L. Owen, MD (‘76)
Jane and Don (‘59) Owens
Pasqual Restaurant
Perdue, Brandon, Fielder,
Collins & Mott LLP
Reba Decker Perry
Powerseal Pipeline Products
Bill and Nan Presson
Angie (‘07, ‘09) and Christopher
(06, 08)
Red River Quilters Guild
Reneau Rehab
Jennifer (‘08) and Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Reynolds
Reynolds Oil Company
Gene Rhoades (‘94)
Mr. (‘93) and Mrs. Walter W.
Riddle Jr.
River Creek Golf Course
Gary L. Schaefer (‘64)
Senior Junior Forum
Dr. David W. Sloan (‘65)
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Spencer
Steinberger Drilling Company
Charles and Rhonda Steinberger
Stephens Engineering
Christopher S. Swanner (‘94)
Drs. Britta (‘94) and Kyle (‘93)
Texoma Cycling Center
Kerri and Ty Thacker
Deanna Greenway Thoma (‘91)
Angus B. Thompson (‘00, ‘02)
Susan (‘93) and Paul Tigrett
Susan and Steven Ulrick
Vectren Foundation Inc.
Jerry and Gary (‘61) Volberding
Mark D. Walker (‘90) and
Dr. Tom DeNapoli
Tony Wang (‘99)
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
David Whitaker (‘77, ‘82)
Alisa White and Elliott Herzlich
Whitmire & Whitmire Inc.
Wichita Falls Founder Lions Club
Wichita Falls Tennis Association
Dr. Friederike and Mr. John
Denise (‘80, ‘85) and Kyle (‘80)
Tower Society
$250 - $499
Aramark - MSU Dining Services
Nancy Ashbrook (‘59)
Jay P. Awtrey (‘75, ‘77)
Sue and Gary (‘93) Baker
Myrt Balch (‘70)
Mary Lynne (‘78) and Glenn
Adrienne E. Barker (‘83)
Debbie (‘78, ‘91) and Bob (‘77,
William Barrow (‘69)
Phyllis N. Bell (‘64)
Martha S. Bennett
Catherine and Roger Bertling
Best Buy
Sheralyn and Richard
Dr. Betty Carlson Bowles
Jody and David (‘65) Brewer
Judy and Deryl Brock
Scarlet and Scott Bromley
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brown Jr.
Karrie and Michael Brown
Susan (‘88, ‘02) and John (‘86)
Mrs. Clifford Burross
Janus and Ted (‘81) Buss
Geneva H. Campsey
Carino’s Italian Kitchen, Inc.
Dr. Steven Coats (‘93, ‘95)
Michael J. Considine (‘60)
Jessica Coody (‘07)
Robin and Ray Cook
Pryor and Paul Cowan
Alice and Jeff (‘91) Crabbe
Mrs. Jane H. Cravens (‘02)
Brenda and Sammy Crutcher
Rosemary Manns Davis
James DeBois (‘01)
Todd Dillard (‘95)
Mary Jo and Tom Distel
Peggy (‘61) and Don (‘64) Doerfler
Carla and Rory (‘87) Edwards
Teena and Dennie (‘95) Ege
ExxonMobil Foundation
Carol Jernigan Faustina
Gail A. Ferguson
First United Bank
Beverly Fisher (‘92)
The GE Foundation
Susie and Fred Gentry
David W. Gibbons (‘68)
Sherry and Ralph Gillespie
Kris and Woody (‘67) Gossom Jr.
Nancy Hacker (‘89)
Martha Lou (‘67) and Joe Haddon
Nelson D. Haggerty
Carolyn (‘79) and Michael (‘76)
Marjorie and Douglas (‘92, ‘09)
Ann Harper
Melba and Ed (‘77) Harvill
Bidde and Mark Hetherington
Patsy (‘65) and Roy (‘67) Horn
Dewey Horton (‘52)
Wynell (‘68, ‘81) and Jimmy (‘68)
Patti Phelan Hosford (‘86)
Brenda Huffman
Debra Huffman
Judith and Kent Huffman
International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers
Donald L. Jackson (‘79)
Troy Jackson (‘89)
Johnny Carino’s
Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Johnson Jr.
Charles R. Johnston
Theresa (‘89) and Lowell Jones
Shannon Kendall
Sandra K. Ketchum (‘93)
Billie K. Kirby
Kevin C. Kunkel (‘88)
Randy Lalk (‘75)
Gladys E. Lambeth Young, MD
Dr. Millie Gore
Richelle (‘74) and Lloyd Leap
M & F Litteken Company
Bette Whitson Maffucci (‘68)
Ramesh Marri (‘94)
Martha and John Mason
Marsha (‘65) and Gary (‘64) May
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCulloch
Pete R. McElvain (‘02, ‘07)
Stacey and Jessie (‘05) McFarland
Richard W. McIlroy (‘58)
McKesson Information
Joyce* and Paul Mercer
Kate and Russ Michaud
Ashley (‘08) and Michael (‘02,
Latara C. Moore (‘95) and William
Tyrone Moore Jr. (‘94)
Dr. Ruth E. Morrow
Carol R. Myers (‘73, ‘77)
L. Dean Nelson (‘69)
Sally Ann Newman (‘68)
Nancy and Jim Newsom
Jerry L. Norville (‘72)
Michael K. Obeng (‘97)
Mark S. O’Bryan (‘75)
Sue Oman (‘59)
Earllyn Sadler Ondricek
(‘82, ‘85)
Christine M. Owen
Dr. Vibha V. Patel (‘92)
Patterson Properties, Ltd.
Harold D. Pink (‘50)
Leslee (‘86) and Scott (‘95, ‘98)
Laurie and Kurt (‘01, ‘07)