Reaching out to area high schools
University President Jesse Rogers visited
with area high school principals to reaffirm
Midwestern State’s commitment to
helping area high school students attend
the university. Through scholarships and
the Mustangs Guarantee Program, MSU
offers several initiatives to help students.
Attending the luncheon were Steve Moody,
Iowa Park CISD; C.D. Knobloch, Archer
City ISD; President Rogers; Kevin Dyes,
Holliday ISD; John Baker, Seymour ISD;
Steve Harris, City View ISD; and Randel
Beaver, Archer City ISD.
Doing business in a foreign country
can be “wildly successful,” according to
Kenneth Clinton, CEO of Genesis Global
Capital, but it is not without complications.
Clinton spoke last semester to Dillard
College of Business Administration
students to expose them to the concept
of foreign business.Why should business
students be knowledgeable about
international business? Clinton estimated
that 25 percent of those students would be
working for a foreign company after they
graduate, and that in 10 years, China would
be the world’s leading economy.
Clinton gave the students a list of “skills
that kill,” with the first being accounting.
Knowledge of a country’s history also is
crucial in not making missteps, such as
knowing that China and Japan are bitter
rivals. Although Clinton doesn’t speak
Chinese, he said that speaking a second
language will become more important
to anyone seeking jobs in big business.
Just as important as academic skills are
more common sense skills such as basic
The College of Science and Mathematics hosted the 16th Annual
Math, Science & U Conference for junior high girls to learn
about women who have made careers in fields traditionally
held by men. This year, 67 students and 16 teachers attended
the conference, along with faculty, staff, and MSU student
volunteers. Computer Science Professor Catherine Stringfellow
says many girls don’t consider a career in math and science
because the jobs have traditionally been held by men. This year’s
theme was
Math & Science! It’s a Girl Thing!”
MSU supports
No Excuses
Jennifer LeGuen’s
fifth-grade class at John R. Good Elementary
at Irving, Texas, adopted Midwestern State as
part of their No Excuses University program to
promote focusing on the future and graduating
from college – not just high school. Ms.
LeGuen reached out to the university asking
for assistance and information regarding the
fight song/alma mater, mascot, hand gesture.
Students wear their MSU T-shirt every Friday.
good conduct, psychology, and reading
nonverbal communications. “Body
language is so undervalued in business.
That should be a course,” Clinton said.
Its importance in negotiating a deal can’t
be underestimated.”
Clinton said that his own thinking
shifted when he began traveling to other
countries. “Russian mammas love their
children just as much as we love ours,”
Clinton said. With more trade and the
Internet closing the gap between China
and the U.S., Clinton said that learning
more about China was essential for
business students. “China and the U.S. –
we have to know more about each other,”
Clinton said.
Clinton was invited to speak on careers
in the global context for graduates as part
of the DCOBA’s continued accreditation.
MSU Legal Studies Professor and
Management and Marketing Interim
Chair Kris Tilker said that DCOBA Dean
Terry Patton wanted a “boots on the
ground” speaker who has time invested
in international business. Tilker said
that MSU would work to integrate more
international matters into business courses.
Just as Clinton’s world opened when he
saw overseas business opportunities,
Tilker said that he hoped that learning
about business in other countries would
cause students to see beyond traditional
boundaries. “We want to open your eyes
to a bigger reality,” Tilker told students.
We want you to think in terms of being a
citizen of the world first.”
International Businessman
Speaks to DCOBA Students