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Date Adopted/Most Recent Revision: 08/07/2013 - Effective Date: 01/01/2010

  1. Policy
    Midwestern State University seeks to provide a safe, healthy, pleasant environment for its faculty, staff, and students. To this end, the use of tobacco products, including smoke and smokeless tobacco, and the advertising, sale, free distribution, and discarding of tobacco products shall be prohibited in all indoor and outdoor facilities and in all university vehicles. The policy extends to faculty, staff, students, vendors, guests, and visitors.
  2. Specifications
    1. Use of tobacco products” shall include
      1. Possession of a lighted tobacco product
      2. Use of smokeless tobacco products
      3. Use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco derived products
    2. “Indoor and outdoor facilities and university vehicles” shall include
      1. All buildings and facilities owned or leased by Midwestern State University, including residential homes
      2. All outdoor areas owned or leased by Midwestern State University, including the grounds of the Main
        Campus and the South Campus and the grounds of residential homes owned by the university
      3. All university-owned or leased vehicles, including cars, pick-up trucks, vans, box trucks, and carts
      4. All private vehicles parked on property owned or leased by Midwestern State University
    3. Exceptions: None
  3. Enforcement
    1. It is the responsibility of all members of the campus community and campus visitors to observe the provisions of this policy.
    2. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors to uphold the honor of the university by affirming its commitment to this policy.
    3. Courtesy and consideration will be exercised when informing violators of this policy. No person will be retaliated against for informing others of the policy or asking others to comply with the policy.
    4. A complaint against a violator who fails to comply with the policy after being asked by another to do so, may be referred to a provost, vice president, associate vice president, dean, or director. Appropriate disciplinary action may be applied to a violator against whom multiple complaints have been received.