Early Orientation - Spring 2018

New students for Spring 2018?

 **The deadline for completing Early Orientation online has passed.
New students for Spring 2018 should RSVP for "in-person" orientation on Thursday, January 11.
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Are you a Flower Mound, WCWC or Distance Education Student?
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Welcome to the early orientation for Spring 2018 newly enrolling undergraduates. Participating in early orientation will enable you to register for classes early. In order to accommodate as many new students as possible, the early orientation program is completely online. If online orientation is not completed by January 8, 2018, attendance at orientation on January 11 is mandatory. 

Also of note to new students is the Student Services Fair on January 11, 1:30-3pm in the Clark Student Center Atrium. Have questions for offices across campus? This is your one stop shop for your new student questions and needs.

Steps necessary to complete Spring 2018 Early Orientation:

  1. Answer the following questions: Am I accepted to the University? Have I taken my TSI? Have I received my meningitis immunization? If you answered yes to all three, you're ready for Early Orientation.
  2. Complete all three modules, answering pop quiz questions as they arise.
  3. Complete the confirmation form.  
  4. Your orientation hold will be removed within 24 hours of your completing the three modules, or on the next business day. 
  5. Please ensure to check your email as any communication from the office of Student Development and Orientation will be received in this way.


Required Orientation Modules

In order to complete your early orientation online, you must watch the videos in each of three modules and answer the "pop quiz" questions along the way.  The modules will be live on November 9.

  • Module 1: Registration, Academics & Advising **CLOSED!
    Time: 20 minutes
  • Module 2: Money Matters - Financial Aid & Payments **CLOSED!
    Time: 30 minutes
  • Module 3: Student Life at MSU **CLOSED!
    Time: 20 minutes
TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Want to get it right the first time? Plan your time accordingly; the video system isn't great about frequent starting and stopping, so schedule enough time to watch the whole video from beginning to end. Use the right browser; if you don't have Adobe Flash and an up-to-date browser, you may want to use another device. Don't skip slides; each report about your viewing record will show if you skipped slides or sped through without listening to the audio. Answer the questions correctly, if you aren't sure of the answer, back up one or two slides and watch again, so you can get it right. 

Module 1 Button


Click here to begin Module 1.


 Module 2 Button **CLOSED!

Click here to begin Module 2.


Module 3 Button **CLOSED! 
Click here to begin Module 3.


To finish the orientation process and have your orientation hold removed, you must complete a verification form.   Orientation holds will be released within 24 hours after the verification form has been submitted (except on weekends).  Holds are released during business hours/days by the Office of Student Development and Orientation.

Click here to complete the confirmation form.

Your orientation hold will be removed within 24 hours of your completing the three modules, or on the next business day.

Optional Orientation Videos 

Watch these videos for more information on various student services at MSU. 

Dean of Students Video Coming Soon Dean of Students
Career Management Center Video Coming Soon Career Management Center
Wellness Center Video Coming Soon Wellness Center
Click here for video promotion for UPB! Coming Soon  University Programming Board
Student Support Services Video Coming Soon Student Support Services
Click here for video promotion for Greek Life! Coming Soon Fraternity and Sorority Life
Health Center Video Coming Soon Vinson Health Center
MSU Police Video Coming Soon MSU Police Department

Bonus Video: Great Advice from the Dean of Students!

Click here to complete the Student Services Quiz and be entered to win a $100 gift card to the MSU Bookstore!

Useful Links for New Mustangs

For more information about MSU Admissions or the THEA/TSI, please review the following websites.

Note: Entering undergraduates not participating in Early Orientation will be required to attend Spring Orientation in January at which time they will register for classes.