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Core Curriculum

The link offers a draft of the proposed core curriculum that is being reviewed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Download Core Curriculum Report


Checklists (Zip)
Proposal Forms (Zip)
II.A.AACU Value Rubrics (Zip)
IIA.Revised Assessment Plan (Word)
II.A.3.5.1Competencies & Assessment (Word)
II.B.3CCC Data Analysis and Reporting (Word)
III.A.Table of Courses (Adobe)


MWSU Core Curriculum Submissions (PDF & Word Documents)

Course Review & SyllabusCourse Review & Syllabus
Course IDDocument NameFile FormatLink
ART1413Course ProposalpdfDownload
ART 1613Course ProposaldocxDownload
ART 1613Course SyllabusdocDownload
BIOL 1103Course ProposaldocxDownload
BIOL 1103Course Syllabus LaboratorydocDownload
BIOL 1103Course Syllabus LecturedocDownload
BIOL 1103Supplement Poster PresentationsdocDownload
BIOL 1103Supplement Scientific MethodpdfDownload
BIOL 1133Course ProposaldocxDownload
BIOL 1133Course Syllabus LaboratorydocDownload
BIOL 1133Course Syllabus LecturedocDownload
BIOL 1133Supplement Poster Case Study PresentationsdocDownload
BIOL 1133Supplement Scientific MethodpdfDownload
BIOL 1134Course ProposaldocxDownload
BIOL 1134Course Syllabus LaboratorydocDownload
BIOL 1134Course Syllabus LecturedocDownload
BIOL 1134Supplement Posters Case StudiesdocDownload
BIOL 1134Supplement Scientific MethodpdfDownload
BIOL 1144Course ProposaldocxDownload
BIOL 1144Course Syllabus LabdocxDownload
BIOL 1144Course SyllabusdocDownload
BIOL 1144Supplement Poster PresentationdocDownload
BIOL 1144Supplement Scientific MethodpdfDownload
BIOL 1233Course ProposaldocDownload
BIOL 1233Course Syllabus LaboratorydocDownload
BIOL 1233Course Syllabus LecturedocDownload
BIOL 1233Supplement Poster Case Study PresentationsdocDownload
BIOL 1233Supplement Scientific MethodpdfDownload
BIOL 1234Course ProposaldocDownload
BIOL 1234Course Syllabus LaboratorydocDownload
BIOL 1234Course Syllabus LecturedocDownload
BIOL 1234Supplement Posters Case StudiesdocDownload
BIOL 1234Supplement Scientific MethodpdfDownload
BIOL 1544Course ProposaldocDownload
BUAD 1033SocBehavScidocDownload
CHEM 1103Course Review DocumentationdocDownload
CHEM 1143 - 1141Course ProposaldocxDownload
CHEM 1143 - 1141Course Syllabus CHEM 1141 ScheduledocDownload
CHEM 1143 - 1141Course Syllabus CHEM 1141docDownload
CHEM 1143 - 1141Course Syllabus CHEM 1143docDownload
CHEM 1143 - 1141Supplement Gas Law AssignmentpdfDownload
CHEM 1243 - 1241Course ProposaldocxDownload
CHEM 1243 - 1241Course Syllabus ScheduledocDownload
CHEM 1243 - 1241Course SyllabusdocDownload
CHEM 1243 - 1241Supplement Gas Law AssignmentpdfDownload
CHEM 1243 - 1241Supplement Poster InstructionsdocDownload
CHEM 1303Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
ECON 1333Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
ECON 2333Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
EDUC 2013Course ProposaldocxDownload
EDUC 2013Course SyllabusdocxDownload
ENGL 1123Course ProposaldocxDownload
ENGL 1123Course SyllabusdocDownload
ENGL 1123Supplement Peer Review WorkshopdocxDownload
ENGL 2123Course ProposalpdfDownload
ENGL 2123Course SyllabuspdfDownload
ENGL 2123Rubris Team ProjectpdfDownload
ENGL 2413Course ProposaldocxDownload
ENGL 2413Course SyllabusdocDownload
ENGL 2613Course ProposaldocxDownload
ENGL 2613Course Syllabus CalendardocDownload
ENGL 2613Course SyllabusdocxDownload
ENGL-SPCH 1103Course ProposaldocxDownload
ENGL-SPCH 1103Course SyllabusdocDownload
ENGL-SPCH 1103Supplement Peer Review WorkshopdocDownload
ENSC 1114Course ProposaldocxDownload
ENSC 1114Course Syllabus LaboratorydocDownload
ENSC 1114Course Syllabus LecturedocDownload
ENSC 1114Supplement Random Sampling ExercisedocDownload
FREN 1134Course ProposaldocxDownload
FREN 1134Course SyllabusdocxDownload
FREN 1134Supplement Portefeuille CulturelledocxDownload
FREN 1234Course ProposaldocxDownload
FREN 1234Course SyllabusdocDownload
FREN 1234Supplement Portefeuille CulturelledocxDownload
FREN 2133Course Review & SyllabuspdfDownload
FREN 2233Course Review & SyllabuspdfDownload
GEOS 1134Course ProposaldocxDownload
GEOS 1134Course SyllabusdocxDownload
GEOS 1134Supplement Streams, Water, SurfacespdfDownload
GEOS 1234Course ProposaldocxDownload
GEOS 1234Course Syllabus & Invertebrates LabpdfDownload
GERM 1134Course ProposaldocxDownload
GERM 1134Course SyllabusdocxDownload
GERM 1134Supplement Kulturelle GeschichtedocxDownload
GERM 1234Course ProposaldocxDownload
GERM 1234Course SyllabusdocxDownload
GERM 1234Supplement Kulturelle GeschichtedocxDownload
GERM 2133Course Review & SyllabuspdfDownload
GERM 2233Course Review & SyllabuspdfDownload
GNSC 1104Course ProposaldocxDownload
GNSC 1104Course Syllabus LaboratorydocDownload
GNSC 1104Course Syllabus LecturedocDownload
GNSC 1104Supplement Random Sampling ExercisedocDownload
GNSC 1204Course ProposaldocxDownload
GNSC 1204Course SyllabuspdfDownload
GNSC 1204Supplement Lab Centripetal ForcepdfDownload
HIST 1133Course ProposaldocxDownload
HIST 1133Course SyllabusdocxDownload
HIST 1233Course ProposaldocxDownload
HIST 1233Course SyllabusdocxDownload
HIST 1333Course ProposaldocxDownload
HIST 1333Course SyllabusdocxDownload
HIST 1333Supplement Personal ResponsibilitydocxDownload
HIST 1433Course ProposaldocxDownload
HIST 1433Course SyllabusdocxDownload
HIST 1433Supplement Personal ResponsibilitydocxDownload
LATS 2503Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
MATH 1053Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
MATH 1203Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
MATH 1233Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
MATH 1534Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
MATH 1634Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
MCOM 1233Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
MCOM 2213Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
MCOM 2523Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
MCOM 2833Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
MUSC 1033Course ProposaldocxDownload
MUSC 1033Course SyllabusdocxDownload
MUSC 2733Course ProposaldocxDownload
MUSC 2733Course SyllabusdocxDownload
PHIL 1033Course ProposaldocDownload
PHIL 1033Course SyllabusdocDownload
PHIL 2033Course ProposaldocDownload
PHIL 2033Course SyllabusdocDownload
PHYS 1144Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
PHYS 1244Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
PHYS 1533Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
PHYS 1624Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
PHYS 2644Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
POLS 1333Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
POLS 1433Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
POLS 2503Course Review & SyllabuspdfDownload
POLS 2523Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload
PSYC 1103Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
SCIE 2103Course ProposaldocxDownload
SCIE 2103Course SyllabusdocDownload
SCIE 2103Supplement Water Module ChemistrydocxDownload
SCIE 2103Supplement Water Module Environmental SciencedocxDownload
SOCL 1133Course ProposaldocxDownload
SOCL 1133Course SyllabusdocDownload
SOCL 2233Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
SPAN 1134Course ProposaldocxDownload
SPAN 1134Course SyllabusdocxDownload
SPAN 1134Supplement Portafolio CulturaldocxDownload
SPAN 1234Course ProposaldocxDownload
SPAN 1234Course SyllabusdocxDownload
SPAN 1234Supplement Portfolio CulturaldocxDownload
SPAN 2133Course Review & SyllabuspdfDownload
SPAN 2233Course Review & SyllabuspdfDownload
THEA 1103Course ProposaldocxDownload
THEA 1103Course SyllabusdocxDownload
THEA 1503Course Review DocumentationdocxDownload
THEA 1613Course ProposaldocxDownload
THEA 1613Course SyllabusdocxDownload
THEA 2423Course ProposaldocxDownload
THEA 2423Course SyllabusdocDownload
WGST 2503Course Review DocumentationpdfDownload