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Disability Grievance Procedures

Individuals with grievances related to discrimination or lack of accommodation on the basis of a disability are encouraged to resolve the problem directly with the individual involved or the Dean of the area in which the problem exists. If the matter remains unresolved, advice and/or assistance will be provided by the ADA Coordinator through Disability Support Services for informal resolution. The student or employee will be notified of a resolution within ten university working days after contact.

If the student or employee is not satisfied with the informal resolution, he or she may file a formal grievance. The student or employee must notify the ADA Coordinator in writing of the complaint. The notice should state the nature of the discrimination, by whom and on what date, the names of any other witnesses or participants, and the remedy the student or employee seeks. The request should be signed by the student or employee and filed within 30 days of the alleged violation.

A formal hearing will be held within 15 university working days following receipt of the written request. The case shall be heard by the 504/ADA Grievance Committee. The burden of proof rests with the student or employee filing the complainant. The committee, by majority vote, shall determine whether or not a violation has occurred.

If the determination is that a violation has not occurred, the ADA Coordinator will notify, in writing, the complainant of the determination within five university working days.

If the determination is that a violation has occurred, the 504/ADA Grievance Committee shall recommend appropriate remedy for such a violation. The ADA Coordinator will notify, in writing, the complainant of the decision within five university working days.

The ADA Coordinator is Debra Higginbotham, Director of Disability Support Services, and may be contacted in Clark Student Center Room 168 or by calling (940) 397-4140.