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What is the purpose of the Office of Multicultural Services?

Midwestern State University is dedicated to giving its students a holistic education - not only focused on the intellectual development within the academic realm but also encouraging the growth of awareness, education, and respect for its diverse population. To this end, it is the pleasure of the Office of Multicultural Services to provide meaningful education to the students through programming opportunities, conflict resolution, education on various cultures, and leadership development.


You mentioned Diversity what does that mean?

Diversity simply means uniqueness. The concept of diversity can be recognized within the same race, culture, or nationality. The term acknowledges the fact that no one is exactly the same, even identical twins don’t experience the exact same occurrence at every moment which gives them a different outlook or perspective on any given situation making them different (diverse) from their sibling. Diversity is any difference that can make a difference – in worldview, in life experience, and in interactions with others.


So what are the different (diverse) populations at MSU?

Midwestern State University prides itself on providing a welcoming atmosphere for all individuals regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Currently MSU has students from over 40 countries around the world and from more than 30 different states within the United States.


Amazing, is there a central location where this information can be found?

Yes, the university has a Multicultural Resource Center located in the Clark Student Center, room 197, next to the MSU Bookstore. The MRC has various international, national, and local publications regarding diversity and different cultures; in addition, you can reserve the center for organization meetings or just a movie night. 


I noticed you said student organizations. Does MSU have diversity focused student organizations?

The university currently has 15 active student organizations focused on enhancing the aspects of diversity on campus. These organizations represent special interest groups, social clubs, international organizations, and even nationally affiliated Greek organizations. A detailed list can be obtained on the Multicultural website.


Great, it is exciting that the university is providing the students an opportunity to truly learn about other people and cultures! If we wanted to more about programming dates where should we go?

If you ever have a question about getting active in any of the above information always feel free to contact Shontesa Jones, Coordinator of Multicultural Services, in the Office Student Development & Orientation by phone at 940-397-4948 or email at