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What to Wear During Recruitment

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Recruitment Orientation Meeting

During this night, you will receive an overview of recruitment, meet your recruitment counselors (rho gammas), and ask any questions you may have about the process.

What to Wear: Plan to wear something that you feel comfortable in.These are NOT the days to test out a new pair of heels - you will regret it the next day! Appropriate attire includes: casual capris, jeans, shorts, or skirt with a casual top.

Information/Philanthropy Night

This is a chance for the chapter members to share with you some more information about their philanthropic organization(s) they support and may show a video highlighting their events throughout the year or allow you to participate in a service project. You will visit all four chapters during this round.

What to Wear: You will be provided a t-shirt at the beginning of recruitment in your small groups. Please plan on wearing this t-shirt and either dressy capris, shorts, or a skirt.

Values Night

This night is for you to hear from the chapters what they value most about being part of their own chapter as well as see the different personalities within each chapter. You will have more time to talk with the chapter members during this night. You may visit a maximum of three chapters during this round.

What to Wear: This round is a step up from the previous one. Most women wear sundresses, dressy capris, or a nice skirt and top.

Preference Night

You may visit up to two chapters this day.They will have a ceremony or ritual that they will share with you.These often include singing, senior or alumnae speakers, and other traditional activities. On this day you will begin to understand what sisterhood means to each chapter.

What to Wear: This is a formal event. Cocktail or church attire is recommended.This includes a dress, nice skirt and top, and dress shoes or sandals.