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How Formal Recruitment Works

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Formal Recruitment is conducted through a means of mutual selection. As you go through the chapters and meet the members, you will eventually be asked to priority rank each chapter you would like to see again.  Likewise, the chapters invite back the recruitment participants that they believe will be a good fit for their chapter. The data is then compiled by a computer software program and schedules are produced for each participant for the next round. This process continues throughout Formal Recruitment until the Preference Round. Immediately following the last preference event, preference card signing will be explained to all recruitment guests.


Women’s formal recruitment is hosted by the Panhellenic Council (PHC), and is a great way to meet the 4 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters at Midwestern State University. As a new or returning student at Midwestern, formal recruitment is a great introduction to the campus and an excellent way to form a network of close friends within just a few weeks.


As a recruitment participant, you will have the opportunity to attend events hosted by each of the NPC chapters. Throughout the week by a process of mutual selection, both chapters and participants will narrow their choices. While you might not get your top choice, all of our chapters at Midwestern State University have something to offer and participants are strongly encouraged to keep an open mind. By participating in formal recruitment you are taking the first step toward an active and enriching experience as a sorority member at MSU. Without a doubt, you will meet women who will be your best friends during your college years and beyond.

What happens at a recruitment event?

A recruitment event is the time set aside for recruitment participants to learn more about individual chapters and for chapter members to learn more about prospective members. Recruitment participants will meet and talk to various members of the chapter.


Remember: Chapter members are just as nervous about meeting new people and making a good impression as you are! They are concentrating on portraying a favorable image of their chapter as much as you are concerned about positively representing yourself. Most women are meeting you for the first time and will need to ask the same “get to know you” questions. Don’t be shy. The more you get to know the chapters, and vise- versa, the easier it will be to select the chapters that are right for you.


What about rumors?

It is possible that during recruitment you may hear rumors about chapters or chapter members. Speaking unfavorable about a chapter, chapter member, or another prospective member could result in influencing someone’s recruitment experience and hurting someone’s feelings.  If you encounter any negative comments or behaviors from the chapter members or other recruitment guests, please report it. Questions and concerns should be directed to the Rho Gammas or members of the Panhellenic Council or Advisors (also known as Recruitment Staff).


Recruitment Guidelines

All Recruitment participants are asked to act in a respectful, mature manner during Recruitment. Any questionable behavior will be addressed by PHC.


The MSU Panhellenic Council or Greek Life staff does not facilitate the process of securing recommendations for Potential New Members nor advise potential new members on recommendation specifics. We believe a young woman’s best chance of success in Panhellenic recruitment is to visit each chapter with a positive attitude and an open mind. Each sorority has a different process for recommendations and each sorority views recommendations differently. For additional FAQs about recommendations, please click here.