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What is MAP-Works?

MAP-Works is a first-year intervention & retention program which helps students establish roots at MSU and develop positive academic, social, and life-skills. Students involved with MAP-Works respond to a personal survey at the midpoint of each semester. Participation in MAP-Works increases first year success by:

- Aligning student expectations with actual outcomes

- Facilitating the socio-emotional transition to college

- Cultivating campus involvement

- Providing university professionals with information regarding individual and aggregate student information to intentionally and objectively extend campus resources and inform conversations.


When do students take the survey?

The MAP-Works survey will launch midway through each fall/spring semester. Once students have completed the survey, they will immediately receive a customized report which will help them determine their academic, behavioral and social strengths as well as personal growth areas.


Who views the reports?

Students can only access their own personal data. They are also provided with aggregate data to help them understand their expectations and behaviors in comparison to those of their peers. Academic Advisors, Residence Life Staff, Counselors, and other faculty and professional staff at MSU serving as Direct Connects may also access individual student and aggregate results in order to assist first year students.


What is a Direct Connect?

A Direct Connect is a faculty or staff member who has been designated as a resource for a group of first year students. Direct Connects reach out to students who demonstrate a high risk of potential difficulty or dropout, referring them to appropriate campus resources and following up concerning students’ unique situations based on survey responses. The role of Direct Connects is significant, as it ultimately relates to the retention of students. Examples of Direct Connects are academic advisors, counselors, and residence life staff, as well as professionals in areas such as Athletics, Veteran Affairs, Greek Life, Multicultural Services, Honors, International Services, etc.


How does it work?

MAP-Works uses a combination of:

1. Admissions Data (High School GPA and rank, ACT/SAT scores, etc)

2. Institutional Data (graduation and retention rates, average first year GPA, etc)

3. A series of individualized student survey questions that concentrate on:

- Learning (expectations and past earned grades, study skills and maximization of those skills)

- Connections (student involvement/activities and residence life)

- Making Healthy Choices (time management, eating healthy foods, personal wellness)

- Self Knowledge (academic abilities, personal attributes, and self management)

- Financial Well-Being (paying for college, accessibility of aid and scholarships)

In addition to providing individual and aggregate student information, MAP-Works affords university professionals an online environment to electronically communicate with peers regarding a particular student. Users can email students directly, log notes, and view historical contacts. Call Student Affairs at 397-7500 to learn more!