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2015-2016 SGA Candidates



Voting for the 2015-2016 Midwestern State University Student Government Association Executive Officers and Class Senators will take place from 8:00am on Wednesday, April 8 through 5:00pm on Sunday, April 12. MSU students must simply log in to their my.MWSU Portal to cast their vote.


SGA Presidential Candidates

Julie Brady

Julie Brady

I am a junior at Midwestern State University pursuing a degree in Political Science and a minor in Mathematics with the intention of attending law school after graduation. I have consistently achieved honor roll merit every semester. I hold memberships in Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Fraternity and in The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. In 2014, the Political Science Department professors selected me to represent MSU as a delegate to the Model United Nations Conference. As a member of Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity, I currently serve as Campus Activities Co-Chair. The women’s Greek community selected me to serve as Panhellenic Vice President of Judicial. In this position, I was recently one of the representatives of the MSU Panhellenic Council that attended the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference. During the last homecoming festivities, I was a finalist for the Homecoming Queen of the sophomore class. I participate in many of the intramurals MSU has to offer, including women’s and co-ed volleyball, indoor and outdoor soccer, softball, and flag football. I would be proud to serve my fellow Mustangs as President of the Student Government Association.

Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown

Hello, my name is Jesse Brown and I am running for President of the Student Government Association. I am a junior Criminal Justice major here at MSU and have been involved in many areas on campus such as Greek Life, serving as two-term President and Re-Founding Father of Kappa Alpha Order ("KA"). I have also proudly served as a Head Peer Counselor for Spirit Days, Supplemental Instruction Leader, and finally the 2014-2015 MSU Student Regent – a role in which I am currently serving.

I have maintained a 4.0 GPA through my academic career here at MSU and have been fortunate to receive some wonderful scholastic honors such as being named the 2014 Clark Scholar and Most Outstanding Criminal Justice Major. I have been blessed by being named the 2014 Greek Man of the Year, winner of the Kappa Alpha Order Larry Robb Leadership Award, and nominee for the North-American Interfraternity Conference Undergraduate of the Year Award. I share this information with you not to boast, but to prove my strong sense of passion, pride, and dedication for this University and the organizations I am involved in.

If elected to serve the MSU student body, from incoming freshmen to seasoned graduate students, as President I will do just that. I will serve all students here at MSU with every bit of effort and determination I can muster! The improvement and expansion of Student Government will be my main focus. I have notable experience running meetings, lobbying for student interests, and providing a voice for students through my role as Student Regent, which expires in May. During my service as Student Regent, I have been influential in bringing a Chick-Fil-A and Einstein Bagels to campus for fall 2015, providing valuable direction for the new fall 2015 dining program so students on meal plans can use their meals at the retail locations like Chick-fil-A and Einstein Bagels instead of solely in the cafeteria, and upgrading the University vending machines so that they will accept credit cards. I have provided constant updates of University activities at SGA meetings, started a Twitter account for students to share feedback and ideas concerning University operations, and hosted booths in the Clark Student Center for students to share with me what they love about MSU and what things could make it even better. Recently, I am working to assure students and student organizations will have access to future artificial turf fields on campus, getting the Bolin Fountain in the Quadrangle back up and running using a sustainable, closed loop water recycling system, and coordinating tailgating efforts at home football games to include a designated and safe area for students to tailgate.

Currently, I am voicing the student opinion on the next Midwestern State University president using all of the feedback and observations offered by fellow students. I attended every presidential forum and asked questions such as presidential visibility, accessibility, and support for student organizations. Regardless of which candidate is chosen, I will already have a relationship with our new president to further cultivate the interests and needs of the student body. I am personally familiar with every member of the Board of Regents, the current Vice Presidents, and numerous other faculty and staff on campus and I understand MSU organizational structures, policies, and funding. If elected as SGA President, I will be able to immediately and effectively focus on addressing the needs and interests of students without the typical transition and orientation time associated with newly elected officers.

If allowed the opportunity, I will serve you, the student body of Midwestern State University, to the absolute best of my abilities. I am humbled to be considered for this position and excited about what the future holds. Thank you for your consideration and go Mustangs!!


Marco Torres

Hello, Mustangs!

                My name is Marco Torres and I am running for SGA President. Currently, I am a senior with a major in psychology and a minor in history. Coming from the Eastside of Wichita Falls and as first generation Mexican-American, the thought of a higher education seemed out of my grasp I has always been a dream and aspiration of mine to attend a four-year university. Luckily, I met a nurse by the name of Jamie Garcia who gave me the drive that I needed to go back to school. I transferred to Midwestern State University in the spring of 2012. During my first two years, I gathered that student life at MSU needed change, so in the Spring of 2014, I decided to run as senior class senator for SGA. This past year, I have been very involved on campus and have been a leader for change. As chairman of the SGA Campus Culture Committee, I have successfully overseen the passage of four bills through the student senate. My goal is to change the way SGA functions for the benefit of the students. That is why I am running for SGA president. My work thus far is visible to students, and I am not finished. I want a better MSU for us all, not a select few. As president, I will be easily and readily accessible to students. I firmly believe that it is my duty to leave MSU a better place than it was before I arrived. I have a platform that will yield real results and they are as followed:


Campaign Platform

1.            We believe SGA committees should be chaired by the Elected Class Senators. The eight committees will better reflect student sentiments. The committees serve as the best way to reach the student body.  Elected Class Senators will provide more constructive input from all classes, freshmen through the graduate level.

2.            Committee membership should be open to the entire student body, not just Student Senators. Preferably, only the chairmen of each committee will be a senator. Regular committee member positions should be filled by the student body. Our goal is to include the student body as much as possible. We also believe that this addition will make SGA a more recognized entity.

3.            We wish to make the Student Senate an effective body.  In order to make meetings more productive, we will emphasize student concerns. Guest speakers will be invited when their expertise are deemed essential. Meetings tend to lose interest after a guest speaker has spoken for such a long time. We believe that the Student Government Association should focus primarily on the important issues of students and the university.

4.              The executive council will be responsible for ensuring that each residence hall has a senator in the student senate. We need to know how to best enable our students to be successful. Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere at Midwestern State.

5.            The president of the Student Government Association should hold bimonthly meetings with the respective presidents of the largest organizations on campus. Those being as follows: CSO, ASO, Panhellenic Council, IFC, and Multicultural Greek.  Such

6.            We believe that volunteering expands a student’s awareness of the community and creates opportunities of advancement. Therefore,   we would like to require that each organization complete at least two hours of community service per semester. Giving back to the community is important for Midwestern State mustangs.  

7.            We believe that the president of the Student Government Association should be easily accessible to the student body. An open door policy is the best way to address and acknowledge the concerns of students.

                In closing, I am the candidate that will change MSU for the benefit of all students. Together, the opportunities are endless. By building a strong connection with students, placing their needs first, the student body will be represented and heard.



Marco Antonio Torres




SGA Vice President Candidates

Dareem Antoine

Dareem Antoine

I am transfer student from the Caribbean Island of Grenada, pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Math. I was serve as the President of the Student Representative Council at my past college and before that I held many positions of leadership for various organizations. At MSU, I am currently actively involved in the Caribbean Students Organization, Student Ambassadors and Redwine Honors Program. These experiences have taught me to be focused, organized, and innovative when working to achieve goals. If I am elected as Vice President of the Student Government Association, I intend to use these skills and experiences to facilitate greater campus unity and ensure that OUR student voice is loud enough to be heard. I only ask that you help me to achieve these goals and others, with your vote. If you feel the need to know more email me or stop me for a chat. Let's work together to change our campus for the better! #GoMustangs

Mark Brown

Mark Brown

I am a member of the Kappa Alpha Order and have served as the Sergeant at Arms and the Parliamentarian officer positions. I competed on the National level in parliamentary procedure and my team and I took 3rd in the nation. I became a registered parliamentarian because of this. I also work for the school for the Annual Fund and I help generate monetary donations for scholarships and replacement of out dated equipment.









SGA Secretary Candidate

Laura Flores

Laura Flores

When I was younger my father was my biggest role model. As an immigrant from El Salvador, my father never stopped working toward his goals. He started off working multiple jobs just to reach ends meet. No matter the cost, he wanted to provide for his family, and to give me the best opportunity.

Today, my father is still my biggest role model. His worth ethic, determination, and faith, are qualities I strive for in my every day life. As a proud first generation American, I decided to attend Midwestern State University in pursuit of the same goals. While working towards my biology degree here at MSU, I have actively worked to better resident life around me.  After my first semester living at MSU, I was hired to be a resident assistant. As an RA working for Midwestern Housing, I was given the responsibility of advising and caring for twenty-four freshmen girls. This job taught me how to meet the needs of a diverse group of people through hard work. Between labs and putting on programs, I learned that the secret to success was through conviction. Later, I discovered that the RA position gave me the experience needed to help build and grow RHA. I was elected president of the resident hall association. As president, I expanded a newly formed organization of five students to one of the largest non-Greek organizations. My team and I worked hard to make RHA place in one of the top positions during the homecoming competition. RHA is now a self-sustaining group of students who work together to better life for all students living through MSU. With persistence and teamwork, I was able to succeed in these goals.

Through RHA, I was able to be one of the two student representatives that selected the new dining contractor to serve our students. My participation played an active role in bettering the life of students through bringing an updated to the dining service. However, I never forgot my goals of academic success. As a student first, I joined the Pre-Professionals Club.

Next year, I will be first person in my family to graduate with an undergraduate degree.  I plan to direct all my experience and determination into making a difference as the Secretary SGA. I plan to work as a team player to achieve the goals set by the Senate and student body. Not only will I fulfill my responsibilities stated in the by-laws but also I will work to be the best student leader I can. I hope that if elected, I will be able to demonstrate my passion to help fellow Mustangs. I am honored to be considered for the position and look forward to the opportunity to serve my university.


Suprena Poleon

I am a transfer student from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. I am currently pursuing a BSc in Chemistry with Biology minor. I am the current Senator for the Caribbean Student Organization, a Student Ambassador, Resident Assistant (RA) for Mc Collough Trigg and a Redwine Scholar. I am self-motivated, a team-player, and dedicated. If provided with the opportunity to serve on the 2015-2016 SGA executive, I will strive to build a foundation to reinforce and encourage good standing relationships amongst MSU’s student organizations, and promote diversity within the Student Senate.

Vote Suprena Poleon for Secretary, and let us work together to embrace diversity, emulate unity and build a foundation for all student organizations.


SGA Sophomore Class Senator Candidates

Manny Hoffman

Manny Hoffman

As class senator I will strive to represent the interests of my classification as well as serve the SGA to the best of my ability. I am confident that given my prior leadership experience as well as my commitment to excellence, I will be an excellent fit as class senator.

Mathew Howard

Mathew Howard

I serve as a member of the Kappa Alpha Order. I previously served as the housing manger, and was then moved to the number five officer chair: the Historian. I also serve on almost all the committees available, such as New Member Education, Social, Housing, Old South, and Paddle Presentation. I was also selected to be on the IFC Judicial Board. I have also been chosen to be a Peer Counselor for the upcoming summer.



Austin Snyder

Austin Snyder

My name is Austin Snyder, and I am a marketing sophomore from Brownwood, Texas (about three hours south of Wichita Falls). I had my doubts about Midwestern State upon my arrival at Spirit Days. I became cynical because the University of Texas in Austin and Texas A&M were my primary college choices, but I missed the deadline due to a series of misfortunate events. My hesitation led me to my third choice (MSU) because of nothing more than the cheap tuition. The plan was to stay at Midwestern for a year, get good grades, and then transfer to a larger school.

I have since crumpled and tossed to the side those plans. After only my first week at Midwestern, I had established a large organizations (Athletes, RA’s, Greek Life, Clubs, Professors, etc.) and started to feel a presence at the university. After hearing from my friends’ experiences in the larger schools, it became evident that glance. There is an underlying sense of friendliness and etiquette found all over campus, which seems to be unparalleled by the larger better reach your goals rather than the “dog eat dog” mentality my friends have described at their schools. This small town moral code mixed with the “world class education for a Walmart budget” has made me highly consider spending my entire college term here.

While Midwestern State has a ton to offer, there is still a bit to do in Wichita Falls, or “I wish the cafeteria food was better.” Granted, it’s teenage nature to whine. However, I believe instead of whining, if you want something to change, you should take action upon it and change the problem yourself. These complaints and problems I have heard scattered through the campus made me desire to get more involved in Student Government.

My aspiration is to become a Senator of this University so that I can represent the voice of my class. I hope to be a liaison between the staff, faculty, and administration. Because I have a variety of acquaintances in several branches of the school, I am confident that I can act as an effective medium to hear their problems, address them, and finally, fix them. I aim to help leave the University better than it was before, and most of all, make everyone happy in the end, because life is too short to be unhappy, especially during the best four years of someone’s life.


Jaylon Williams

I am from Fort Worth, Texas and this is my very first year at Midwestern State University. I am currently a Freshman, and I am pursing a degree in nursing with a minor in medical sociology. After completing my undergraduate degree, I will go to school to further my education in the hopes of becoming an anesthetic nurse. While attending MSU I have been active in many campus organizations. I am a member of the Black Student Union and the SGA Campus Culture Committee. I am also currently the Student Government Association Freshmen Senator. As Freshmen Senator I have participated in writing and passing a bill to enforce the tobacco-free campus initiative and a bill to extend the services of the Mustangs Shuttle to include shopping and entertainment on weekends. I am currently running for the position of Sophomore Senator, and if I am elected I will not only hear and heed to the voices of the sophomore student body, but also to the needs of the  MSU community as a whole!