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Summer 2016 Schedule of Classes

  • May Mini-Term Courses
  • Complete Course Listing - This link takes you to the class schedule in WebWorld.  The information here is constantly updated with any changes made to the schedule and enrollment numbers.

    Optional format -- Easier to read:
    Summer I 2016:  Complete Course Listing in PDF format
    Summer I 2016:  Internet Course Listing in PDF format

    Summer II 2016:  Complete Course Listing in PDF format
    Summer II 2016:  Internet Course Listing in PDF format

    (Updated automatically every two hours, at the top of each even-numbered hour... 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., etc.)

    Note:  See below for the legend of the PTRM (part of term) column on the PDF course listings:
         1 - Regular semester dates (Sum I: June 6 - July 8)  (Sum II: July 11 - August 11)
         M - May mini-term (May 16 - June 3)
         MX - May mini-extended (May 16 - June 16)
         B - Last half of term (June 20 - July 1)
         L - Long summer term (June 6 - August 11)

    The Schedule of Classes is produced exclusively online.  (There are no paper copies.)  Use the links above to get the course listings.  Use the links below to view other important information.

  • Summer 2016 Information Section 
    Includes academic calendar, information on registration, admission, orientation, testing, your time to register, tuition and fees, financial aid, refunds, and other miscellaneous information.

    Texas Legislative requirement - all students under the age of 22 entering an institution of higher education in Texas must either receive a vaccination against bacterial meningitis or meet certain criteria to decline the vaccination before the first day of the semester.  MSU has contracted Magnus Health to collect, review and securely store all student documents pertaining to the meningitis vaccine. Follow this link for more information.

  • Academic Contacts
  • Registration Instructions
  • Campus Maps
  • Advisor Help Page (FAQs)