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Board Minutes

The following minutes of Midwestern State University Board of Regents meetings are available in pdf format.


Dec. 13, 2017, Specialviewview12/13/2017
Nov. 9-10, 2017viewview11/09/201718-04, Campus Construction Update
11/10/201718-08, Gunn College Building Project
18-20, First Year Experience and Learning Communities
18-21. Admission Requirements and Retention/Graduation Rates
18-26, FY 17 Financial Results Presentation
18-26, Financial Report
18-27, Investment Report
18-41, Creating our Signature
Aug. 3-4, 2017viewview8/3/201717-112, Investment Overview - Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) Update
8/4/201717-117, Campus Construction Update
17-126, Staff Report, Ms. Angie Reay
17-129, Enrollment Report
17-136, Financial Reports, April, May, and June 2017
17-137, Investment Report, Third Quarter FY2017
17-142, Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2018
May 11-12, 2017viewview5/11/201717-71, American National Bank Update
5/12/201717-75, Strategic Plan
17-76, Campus Construction Update
17-85, Student Government Association Report Video
17-86, Athletics Report, Ramon Toyos Video
17-86, Athletics Report, Sierra Campbell Video
17-95, Comprehensive Campaign Update
17-96, Financial Reports, January, February, and March 2017
17-97, Investment Report, 2nd Quarter, FY2017
17-102, FY18 Budget, Tuition and Fee Review and Recommendations
 Feb. 9-10, 2017viewview02/09/1717-45, Campus Construction Update Presentation
02/10/1717-49, Faculty Report, Dr. Suzanne Lindt
17-53, Enrollment Report
17-59, Facilities and Debt Levels Presentation
17-61, Financial Reports, September-December 2016
17-62, Investment Reports, 1st Quarter 2017
Nov. 10-11, 2016viewview11/10/16Item 17-06, Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services Building Design Review
11/11/16Item 17-08, Campus Construction Update
Item 17-11, Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services Landscaping and Parking Project Authorization Request
Item 17-16, Faculty Report, Dr. Robert Forrester
Item 17-17, Staff Report, Mr. Mario Ramirez
Item 17-28, FY16 Financial Results Presentation
Item 17-28, Financial Report, July 2016
Item 17-29, Investment Report, Fourth Quarter Ended FY 2016
Aug. 4-5, 2016viewview4thItem 16-133, Investment Overview, Texas A&M University System Update
5thItem 16-140, Campus Construction Update
Item 16-147, Faculty Report, Dr. Steve Garrison
Item 16-147, Staff Report, Ms. Reagan Foster
Item 16-160, Financial Reports, April, May, and June 2016
Item 16-161, Investment Report, Third Quarter Ended FY 2016
Item 16-165, Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2017
June 15, 2016, SpecialviewviewviewCompensation and Classification Study Presentation
Student Financial Aid Assistance Presentation
May 12-13, 2016viewviewDay 116-80, Investments with American National Bank Update
16-85, Market Study Report
   Day 216-86, Campus Master Plan and Construction Update
    16-97, Faculty Report, Dr. Susan Harvey
    16-98, Staff Report, Mr. Newman Wong
    16-112, Financial Report
    16-113, Investment Report
Feb. 11-12, 2016viewview2/1116-49, Campus Construction Projects
   2/1216-52 & 16-53, Recommendations
   Retreat16-61, Spring 2016 Enrollment Report
    16-66, Financial Report 
    16-67, First Quarter Ended November 30, 2015
    Retreat Presentation
Dec. 1viewviewview 
Nov. 6-7viewviewPart 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Item15-04, MSU Priorities, President Rogers
Item 15-11, Campus Construction Updates
Item 15-12, Information Technology Report
Item 15-13, Phase I Housing and Mass Communication Addition Project
Item 15-14, Texas A&M University System Endowment Fund
Item 15-14, Redwine Endowed Funds Market Value
Item 15-16, Faculty Report
Item 15-16, Faculty Report, Dr. Jeff Stambaugh
Item 15-16, Faculty Report, Dr. Jeff Stambaugh,
Item 15-46, EURECA Presentation
Item 15-46, Marketing Presentation
Sept. 22viewviewView 
Aug. 7-8viewviewDay 1
Day 2
Item 14-132, Campus Facilities Implementation Plan
Item 14-139, Strategic and Action Plan 2014-2015 Presentation
Item 14-139, Strategic and Action Plan 2014-2015 Process
Item 14-142, Campus Map
Item 14-143, Emergency Management Basic Plan
Item 14-143, National Incident Management System Resolution
Item 14-147, Faculty Report, Dr. Scott Meddaugh
Item 14-151, Enrollment Report, Summer 2014
Item 14-156c, Campus Parking Lot Map
Item 14-161, April 30, 2014, Financial Report
Item 14-161, May 31, 2014, Financial Report
Item 14-161, June 30, 2014, Financial Report
Item 14-162, Investment Report PowerPoint Presentation
Item 14-162, Third Quarter FY2014 Investment Report
Item 14-167, FY2015 Operating Budget Highlights
Item 14-167, FY2015 Operating Budget General Information
Item 14-167, FY2015 Operating Budget Presentation
Item 14-167, FY2015 Operating Budget
July 21viewviewviewItem 14-127, Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR) Administrator's Statement
Item 14-127, Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR) Exceptional Items
May 8-9viewviewviewItem 14-88, Landscaping Presentation
Item 14-91, Legislative Request Exceptional Item Summary
Item 14-95, Faculty Report
Item 14-101c, Faculty Tenure and Promotion Summary
Item 14-107, January 31, 2014, Financial Report
Item 14-107, February 28, 2014, Financial Report
Item 14-107, March 31, 2014, Financial Report
Item 14-108, 2nd Quarter Investment Report
Item 14-124, Fall 2013 Freshman Class Profile
Feb. 13-14viewviewViewSept. 30 2013, Financial Report
Oct. 31, 2013, Financial Report
Nov. 30, 2013, Financial Report
Dec. 31, 2013, Financial Report
Aug. 31, 2013, Annual Financial Report
Aug. 31, 2013, Annual Financial Report Highlights
1st Quarter Investment Report
Oct. 2013-Jan. 2014, Pooled Investments
Board of Regents' Recommendations
Consent Agenda
Core Curriculum, Approved 42-hour
Dalquest Desert Research Station Rendering
Endowment Funds - American National Bank
Enrollment Report, Spring 2014
Tuition and Fee Recommendation
Jan. 10viewviewViewPresentation
November 7-8viewview  
August 8-9viewview  
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