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Dr. Isaac Christiansen

Email Addresses
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Assistant Professor

Office Location
O'Donohoe Hall 134
Voice: (940) 397-4179
  Semester Course # Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Spring 2018 3633 201 Research Methods Prothro-Yeager Hall 200
Details Spring 2018 1143 201 Sociological Inquiry Bolin Hall 213
Details Fall 2017 SOCL 4733 102 Sociology of Work Prothro-Yeager Hall PY100
Details Fall 2017 SOCL 1133 103 Introductory Sociology Prothro-Yeager Hall PY100
Details Fall 2017 SOCL 1133 104 Introductory Sociology Prothro-Yeager Hall PY100
Details Fall 2017 2233 101 Global Social Problems Prothro-Yeager Hall PY209



Days: T and R; Time:8:00am to 9:20am


Institution Degree Graduation Date
Drake University B.A. 2000-12-22 0:0:0
Iowa State University M.S. 2010-5-8 0:0:0
Iowa State University Ph.D. in Sociology 2015-12-19 0:0:0
Institution Position Start Date End Date
Employee and Family Resources Male Responsibility Project Educator 2002-Feb 2003-Mar
Peace Corps Peace Corps Volunteer 2003-Jul 2004-May
The Principal Financial Group Investor Specialist II 2004-Aug 2008-Aug
Iowa State University Teaching Assistant 2008-Aug 2009-Dec
Iowa State University Research Assistant 2009-Jun 2009-Aug
DMACC Adjunct Instructor 2010-Aug 2010 Dec
Grand View University Adjunct Instructor 2011-Aug 2012-May
Iowa State University Research Assistant 2011-Jan 2011-Aug
Iowa State University Sociology Instructor (Assistantship) 2013-Jan 2013 May
Iowa State University Graduate Teaching Assistant Spanish 2014 Jan 2015 May
Grandview Adjunct Instructor 2016-Mar 2016-May
Midwestern State University Assistant Professor 2017-Aug Present
DMACC Adjunct Instructor 2017-Jan 2017-May

Christiansen, Isaac. 2017. “Commodification of Health Care and Its Consequences”. World Review of Political Economy.  Vol. 8 No. 1