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Curriculum Materials Library Policy

What is the CML Library?


The Curriculum Materials Library, also known as the CML Department is located on the 2nd floor of the library in the northeast wing.  Although anybody may use the department, its main function is to make available for examination, evaluation, and use, educational materials for children and young adults from preschool to grade twelve.   That means that the students in the West College of Education are the most likely users of the CML library.  

The largest numbers of books in the collection are the regular CML books that check out for twenty-one  (21) days.  CML books include works of fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults as well as books for the school teachers themselves to prepare for classes.

Other types of CML books such as the textbooks and curriculum guides also check out for twenty-one (21) days at a time.  Note that the CML textbooks DO NOT include the textbooks that you are assigned to use in your classes.  Moffett Library does not buy copies of college textbooks although occasionally someone may donate their used textbook.

The CML department also includes a collection of oversized books used as teaching aids with young children and an extensive collection of book jackets and posters/pictures that can be checked out.  In addition to the regular CML collection, a small collection of award winning children’s books (the Criscoe/Lanasa collection) was donated to the library area and is shelved in the Dalquest Archives on the 3rd floor.


Why Are the PZ's Not On the 3rd Floor? 

All CML items include the letters CML at the beginning of their call numbers.  It is the only MSU collection that ever has the call letters PZ in their call number.  If you see an item that includes PZ in the call number that item is almost surely in the CML collection.  That means it is on the 2nd floor not up on 3rd with most of the other P's.