Library Lab Hours

Computer Lab

Located in Library Lobby

  Regular Hours Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday 8AM - 2AM 8AM - 10PM
Friday 8AM - 5PM 8AM - 5PM
Saturday 10AM - 6PM NOON - 6PM
Sunday 2PM - 2AM 2PM - 10PM

Any questions about the computer lab should be directed to Information Systems: 397-4275 

Language Lab

Located in Room 112B

  Spring 2018 Hours
Monday 10AM - 1:45PM / 2PM - 7PM
Tuesday 9:30AM - 11AM / 6PM - 10PM
Wednesday 10AM - 2PM / 2PM - 7PM
Thursday 2PM - 7PM
Friday 12PM - 3:30PM
Saturday 10AM - 3PM

Any questions about the language lab should be directed to the Foreign Language Office: 397-4309

Writing Center

Moffett Library, Media Dept. Room 210 - 2nd Floor

  Fall Hours
Thursday 6PM - 9PM
Sunday 6PM - 9PM

Any questions about the Writing Center should be directed to Kristen Garrison: 397-6305