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Information Technology


Information Technology staffs and maintains the computer labs in the Moffett Library, 1st floor Dillard room 146, Bridwell room 111, Beawood room 117, and Clark Student Center room 130. It is our intention to make these facilities a productive environment for your academic pursuits and to provide functional modern systems to aid in the completion of academic work.


Spring 2017 Intercession (between Spring and Summer 1)
Bridwell (BH 111)
  • MON - FRI: 7:30AM to 5PM
Bridwell (BH 111)
  • Closed
Clark Student Center (CS 130)
  • SUN - SAT: 7AM to 2AM
Clark Student Center (CS 130)
  • MON - FRI: 8AM to 5PM
Dillard (DB 146)
  • MON - FRI: 7:30AM to 5PM
Dillard (DB 146)
  • Closed
Moffett Library (LI 101)
  • SUN: 2PM to 2AM
  • MON - THURS: 8AM to 2AM
  • FRI: 8AM to 5PM
  • SAT: 10AM to 6PM
Moffett Library (LI 101)
  • MON - FRI: 8AM to 5PM

Lab Contact Information
Computer Lab Manager (Memorial)
  • (940) 397-4687
Support (Technical Emergencies Only)
  • (940) 397-4527
Clark Student Center Lab
  • (940) 397- 4897
Bea Wood Lab
  • (940) 397-4713
Bridwell Lab
  • (940) 397-4658
Moffett Lab
  • (940) 397-4751
Dillard Lab
  • (940) 397-4657

All software installations in Information Systems maintained university computer labs must follow the guidelines and requirements stated below.


Lab Software Installation Guidelines
  • All software will be tested in advance by a qualified member of IS.
  • All installations will be done on a Master Image workstation from which all computers in the labs are updated.
  • All requests for new software in the computer labs will be submitted to IS for testing no later than 30 days before the start of classes for the semester in which the software is to be used.1
  • All requests for software to be retained in the computer labs from one semester to the next should be submitted to IS no later than 10 days before the start of the semester in which the software is to be used.2


Lab Software Installation Requirements
  • Software in computer labs must have a minimum number of licenses purchased to cover the total number of computers in the lab in which it will be used. Smaller block or individual installations will not be done in computer labs.
  • All software must be compatible with the present operating system being used in the computer labs.
  • All software requested for installation in the computer labs must be designed and intended for academic class work. All software is subject to administrative review by IS managers. Software packages deemed inappropriate for use in computer labs may be refused. Examples of such software would be anything that compromises the basic configuration of the workstation such as fire walling software or virus scanning software.
  • Security or Hacking tools that could be used to compromise the network or any other software that would act contrary to the appropriate use statement would also not be allowed.


Exceptions for Demonstration software
Some software packages may be intended only for use as a demonstration. These packages may be installed on the instructor workstation only with the approval of IS. These demonstration packages may not be subject to all the guidelines and requirements included in the above policy. If you have a software package you would like to use in the computer lab, it is recommended you contact IS in advance of any aforementioned deadlines to discuss whether the software is best suited as a demonstration or for general computer lab installation.

If the software is for demonstration only, it will likely be less expensive - possibly even free - to use the single copy on the instructor workstation, rather than purchasing licensing for the entire computer lab.
  • Submitting software does not guarantee its installation. All software must pass testing and administrative review. If the software compatibility or appropriateness is in question, it is advisable to submit the software well in advance of the deadline to ensure the testing and review process can be completed before the start of the semester.
  • IS will make an effort near the end of each semester to contact the professors with existing software in the lab to confirm whether the software will or will not be needed again the following semester.

Virus Scanner software is already present in computer labs and is maintained by IS.

This document is intended to act as a policy for the Lab Assistants working in the public access computer labs. It is divided into two sections, the first section deals with general lab policy and the second deals with specific policy written for each lab.

The reason that you are in the labs is to make the time spent there by the student-body, faculty, and staff are both positive and productive. Those who use the labs are your primary focus and should be treated as a welcomed guest.

Employee Information
All Lab Assistants must file a Contact Information Sheet with Information Technology.

  • At the time of employment, a Contact Information sheet will be filed with Information Technology.
  • At such time as the information provided becomes obsolete a new form MUST be submitted with Information Technology.
  • All lab assistants will be required to have a email address. E-mail will be the primary means of communication between the lab assistants and the administration.

Technical Support
From time-to-time technical assistance will be required in the order to ensure the proper operation of the computer labs. If technical assistance is required the following steps must be followed in order to guarantee a reasonable resolution of the problem

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Lab assistants should ensure that there truly is a problem that requires technical support personnel to be dispatched. If a machine seems to have failed, shutdown the machine, power it off, and reboot. Check power cables to ensure that they are properly plugged in. If after these steps the machines is still malfunctioning, contact Information Technology @ 4278 and request a work order, or go to and submit a work order online and a technician will be dispatched as soon as possible. 
  • If a machine is out of service, please place a sign on the machine informing the users of its status with your name and time and date on it.

General Operating Policy
All public access labs are governed by the rules listed in this section

  • No food or drink will be allowed in the labs. This applies to the lab assistants as well as the student-body and faculty using the facilities.
  • Student must provide their own media for storage of work created on the lab machines.
  • Children may accompany student parents in the labs as long as they are well behaved.


  • Paper and toner are located in the CSC Lab Office. Employees should make sure that no lab is ever out of any supplies. Supply quantities should be checked every shift.

Acceptable Behavior
All public access labs are governed by the rules listed in this section

  • Lab assistants are to enforce all lab policies that are set forth by the administration.
    • If a person has become unruly, or they are disturbing other students in the lab they need to be asked to leave the lab.
    • If they refuse to show proper identification to the lab personnel they need to be asked to leave the lab.
    • If they have drinks or food in the lab they need to be told to remove the items in question from the lab. If they refuse to do so then they need to leave the lab.
    • If a person is only in the lab surfing the internet or playing games on-line and someone needs to use the computer for legitimate school work then that person needs to be asked to relinquish that computer to the other person.
    • If a person that has been asked to leave the lab refuses to do so then the lab assistant needs to call the MSU Police department @ 4239, then call the lab coordinator.
  • Lab assistants are to provide assistance to all people that use the labs.
  • Lab assistants are to be accessible to the users in the labs.
  • Lab assistants are to keep the labs clean as specified in the lab operating procedures.
  • Lab assistants are not allowed visitors in the lab during working hours.
  • Telephone usage should be limited to necessity usage only.
  • Lab assistants should remain in the lab at all times except during necessary breaks (Bathroom, etc.)
  • Lab assistants may study or read when there is no activity in the lab. When there are students in the lab, lab assistants must remain available for assistance.
  • Lab assistants should maintain a quiet atmosphere in the labs
  • Project groups may work together as long as computer resources are not sitting idle.
  • Lab assistants should ensure that lab users are not viewing inappropriate material in the labs unless such material directly pertains to assigned research.
  • Excessive amounts of absenteeism will not be tolerated.

Opening Procedure
  • BEFORE ENTERING THE LAB, If the lab has an alarm system, disarm the alarm system by entering the alarm code on the keypad just outside the door.  The red light to the far right indicates when the alarm is armed.  Contact the Computer Lab Manager for alarm codes
  • Verify all computers are logged into the network and that they are functioning normally. Any problems with a computer that are not resolved by rebooting should be reported to IT by email to
  • Verify that the printer is full of paper and that there are at least two reams of paper and a spare toner on hand. If not, retrieve them from the CSC Computer Lab or from the Memorial Building

On shift
  • Be available to assist any student with computing/printing issues.  Some students may be hesitant to ask for assistance or may not know who to ask, so BE AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LAB.  If you see a student who is clearly in need of assistance, do not wait to be asked before offering to help. 
  • Walk around the lab periodically.  Straighten/pick up any clutter that may be left about and note any computers that are not in functioning order.  Report any computer problems that cannot be resolved by a system reboot via an email to
  • Keep check on paper and toner supplies in the printer and stored in the lab. There should be at least one spare toner and two spare reams of paper on hand in the lab at any given time. These supplies may be obtained from the CSC Computer Lab or from the Memorial Building.
  • Check the hand sanitizer station.  If the unit is out of sanitizer, re-load it with supplies obtained from the Memorial Building. 
  • There is to be NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed in the computer labs.  If you witness a student with food or an open drink in the lab, ask them to take it outside.
  • The labs are an academic environment.  Students may work in groups so long as their activity does not cause a disturbance to other lab patrons.  If a patron is causing a distraction to other lab patrons (with loud conversation, music, etc), ask them to please lower their volume as to not disturb others who are working in the lab.

Additional Operating Procedures for the CSC Computer Lab.
  • Any assistant scheduled to work in the CSC Computer Lab must verify that there is a stock of paper and toner stored in the CSC Lab Office sufficient to support all other labs. This includes a large supply of paper and at least one spare toner cartridge on hand for the printer in the CSC Lab and an additional spare toner for the printers in the other labs (there should be at least two spare toners in the CSC lab office: one for the CSC Lab printer and one for the other labs)
  • Any assistant scheduled to work at 4PM on a weekday (MTWRF) should pick up toner and paper from the Memorial building to replenish the stock in the CSC Lab office.  The Memorial Building is open from 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, so it is very important that all supplies are acquired and transported to the CSC Lab BEFORE the building closes so that there will be sufficient supplies to last the evening.  This is especially true of the Friday afternoon shift, as supplies stored in the CSC Lab office must be enough to support all labs through the weekend.

On shift change
  • Lab Assistant coming on duty: Make sure that there are at least two reams of paper in the lab and there is a spare toner cartridge for the printer.
  • Lab Assistant going off duty: Verify that the printer is fully loaded with paper. Pick up all loose paper or trash lying around the computer lab. Be sure that all empty chairs are pushed in; in general, tidy the lab before leaving.

Closing Procedure
  • Pick up any loose paper or trash lying about the lab.
  • Push in all chairs
  • Verify all patrons have exited the lab
  • Turn off the lights
  • After exiting the empty lab, If the lab has an alarm system installed, enter the alarm code on the keypad just outside the door.  The red light to the far right indicates when the alarm is armed.

You may view the lab schedule by clicking this link: Lab Schedule

If you require assistance and the lab assistant is not present, you may call the Lab Manager as listed in the Contact Information tab.