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Information Technology

Student FAQ

What is the Portal?
The Portal is a single sign-on site that allows students to access Banner, D2L, Orgsync, student email, library databases, and more from a single homepage.

When can I use the Portal?
Any student who is currently enrolled in classes may access the Portal. Access expires after one year of inactivity, either due to graduation or non-registration.

Where is the Portal?
The Portal login is located at Use the Portal login to access your Portal homepage.

What's my Portal username and password?
You may use the Portal Username Generator [] to obtain an example of what your username will be. Please note that the generator depends upon correct entry of your full legal name and birthday, and you will receive feedback from the Portal administrator within one to two business days concerning your username. Your initial password will be your Mustangs ID followed by an exclamation point.

How do I reset my password?
You may reset your password by clicking "reset password" and then answering your security questions correctly. The answers are case-sensitive. You may also change your password and questions from within the Portal when you are logged in by clicking on "Account Settings" in the Quick Launch menu on the left hand side of your Portal home page.

Do I get a school email address?
Yes. Your MSU email address is provided automatically as your Portal ID is created. The address will be [your Portal username], and is a Gmail account. Your password will be your Portal password, as you access your email by clicking the "Email" link within the Portal.

How long will I have this email address?
Your MSU email access will be revoked at the same time as your Portal access - after one year of inactivity, either due to graduation or non-registration. Upon graduation or disenrollment, remember to pull all important information (important emails, Google Drive files, contacts, etc.) associated with this email account. Make sure to turn off email forwarding, and make sure no other accounts are connected to this one.

Can't I just check my personal email instead?
You can. Simply set up email forwarding to your personal address. To begin, log in to your student email, then click the gear icon in the upper right corner and click "Settings." From there, choose the tab that says "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" and then click "Add a forwarding address." Enter your personal email address and click "Next," then click "Proceed." In another browser tab, check your personal email for the confirmation email from Gmail, click the link below the code, then click "Confirm." In the tab containing your student email settings, enter the confirmation code and click the "Verify" button. When you graduate (or cease to attend Midwestern State University), be sure to go back into your student email settings to disable forwarding.

A note about security: You are responsible for keeping your student email secure. If you believe you have clicked on an unsecure link or that your credentials have been compromised, please call the Helpdesk so that we can assist you accordingly. You may also take the security awareness training in the Portal in order to avoid future incidents.

How do I connect to wifi on campus?
When you connect to MSUWirelessNetwork from your wifi menu, you will need to continue your connection in your web browser. Click the link that says "Please click here to connect to the network." Enter your credentials in the "Network login" form. Your username will be the word student, followed by the backslash, followed by your Portal username and your password will be your Portal password. For reference, the backslash goes upper left to lower right, and is located directly above the enter key on your keyboard, or on the second page of symbols on your cellphone.

I can't get the connection page to load in the browser. Help!
Try opening your browser, opening a new tab, and typing in the address of any website other than or This should redirect you to the login page.

Who do I talk to about the Residential network on campus? The Resnet is run by Apogee. You may contact them 24 hours a day at 1-855-813-7013 or by going to and logging in to your account.

I'm getting an error message saying I have too many devices on my account. What do I do?
Each account at Midwestern State University is allowed five devices on the network. You may manage your devices by logging into the device management page located here: [] Please be advised that any devices you remove from the network, you will need to re-add manually if you wish them to be connected at a later date.

Where are the labs?
The main printing labs are located in Bridwell 111, Clark Student Center 130, Dillard 146, and Moffett 101. There are other labs on campus for specific departments. What software is in the labs? The software varies from lab to lab, but all have Microsoft Office, internet access, and printing capability. As a general rule, if your class is held in a certain building, the lab in that building is likely to be equipped with the software used in your class.

Can I install software in the labs?
No. Any installation of software must be tested and approved by MSU Information Technology.

How do I get into the labs?
Your student ID card must be current, and you must currently be enrolled in classes. For example, if you're enrolled in Fall classes and it is July, you will not have lab access yet. If you think your card should be working and it is not, please contact Card Services at the Information Desk in Clark Student Center.

How do I print?
When you print a document in the lab, you will be prompted for credentials. Your username is your Mustangs ID number, and you will not enter a password. You will then scan your card at the printer.

What are my printing limitations?
Each student currently has a $100 printing allowance per semester. This equates to about 1,000 pages if they are black and white, and double-sided. You may not purchase additional printing for your account, so print wisely. You can (and should) maximize your usage by condensing Powerpoint presentations at multiple slides per page when printing. Also, you should never print pages that have a primarily dark background, as the heat generated will cause the pages to stick to the print rollers and may damage the printer.