SACS Reaffirmation Timeline




Spring 2010

Establish Leadership Team

Summer 2010

Narrative Writing Begins

August 2010

Narrative 1st Drafts Due

November 2010

First Edit of Narratives

March 2011

Supporting Documentation Received / Compiled

April 2011

Documentation Linked in Documents

May 2011

Dr. Clark Review

June 2011

Second Edit

July 2011

SACS Orientation of Leadership Teams

September 2011

Send Content Edit: External Reviewer

January 2012

Send Common Edit: Internal Reviewer(s)

March 2012

Send Senior Staff Edit

Summer 2012

Update Documentation

September 2012

Compliance Report Submitted to SACS

November 2012

SACS Off-Site Peer Review Conducted

4-6 weeks in advance of

On-Site Review

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Due

Spring 2013

SACS On-Site Peer Review Conducted

December 2013

Review by the Commission on Colleges