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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The NSSE is a survey of Freshmen and Senior perceptions about varying aspects about the university administered every other Spring (even years).  The reports are compared against our Texas and COPLAC peers.

Undergraduate Graduating Student Surveys

Graduating Student Surveys (GSS) are completed on-line by undergraduate students expecting to graduate within one year of completing the survey. The survey results are updated each academic year and consist of 6 parts:

Part 1:  Employment, Career, and Educational PlansGraduating Student Survey 2011-2017
Part 2:  Course Experiences 
Part 3:  Personal Growth 
Part 4:  Background Information 
Part 5:  Student Services 
Part 6:  General Information 


Graduate Exit Survey

Graduate Exit Surveys (GES) are completed by exiting graduate students prior to graduation.  The GES results are updated each academic year and consist of 9 parts:

Part 1:  Degrees and MajorsGraduate Exit Survey 2011-2016
Part 2:  General Environment  
Part 3:  Graduate Courses 
Part 4:  Personal Development from Coursework 
Part 5:  Faculty Quality 
Part 6:  Interactions with Faculty 
Part 7:  Appropriateness of Coursework 
Part 8:  Administrative Offices 
Part 9:  Overall Impressions/Satisfaction 


Staff Satisfaction Survey

The Staff Senate conducts a satisfaction survey to monitor and address employee concerns.  Results can be found at the Staff Senate web-site.


Entering Student Survey (Discontinued)

Entering Student Surveys  (ESS) are completed anonymously by students who attend either a new student orientation or Spirit Days.  This survey was discontinued when Student Affairs started using MAPWORKS and the CIRP Freshman Survey.


Survey Results Archives