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Maximum Vacation Hours to Carry Forward

Staff employees need to remember there is a limit to the number of vacation hours carried over on the September time sheet. Excess hours will be transferred to the sick leave balance. These figures are based on full-time employment. Part-time employees will accrue vacation leave on a proportionate basis and the maximum carryover will also be proportionate.

(Effective 07/01/03)


Employees with Total State Employment of:Hours Accrued Per Month:Maximum Hours to Carry Forward From One Fiscal Year to Next Fiscal Year:
less than 2 years8180
at least 2 but less than 5 years9244
at least 5 but less than 10 years10268
at least 10 but less than 15 years11292
at least 15 but less than 20 years13340
at least 20 but less than 25 years15388
at least 25 but less than 30 years17436
at least 30 but less than 35 years19484
at least 35 years or more21532