2.393 Staff Senate


Date Adopted/Most Recent Revision: 02/13/15



The Staff Senate shall serve as an advisory body to the president regarding matters affecting staff employees.


Article I



Membership on the Staff Senate is limited to regular full-time employees who have served in benefits-eligible, non-faculty positions at Midwestern State University for at least 12 continuous months immediately preceding January 1 of the year in which they are nominated.



Article II


A. Membership Representation

The number of senate seats shall be allocated according to the number of funded budgeted staff positions within each EEO job classification category on record with and provided by the Director of Human Resources.


1. EEO Job Classification Categories:

                a.     EEO1     Officials and Administrators (Excluding president, vice presidents, provost, and associate vice presidents)

                b.     EEO3     Non-faculty Professional

                        c.     EEO4     Administrative Support

                        d.     EEO5     Technicians and Paraprofessionals

                        e.     EEO6     Skilled Craft Workers

                         f.     EEO7     Service and Maintenance


2. Allocation Chart


        Number of Funded, Budgeted                          Number of Staff

Staff Positions Within EEO Classification      Senate Representatives

                29 or less                                                              1

                30-59                                                                     2

                60-89                                                                     3

                90-119                                                                   4

                120 +                                                                      5


B.    Officers
The officers of the Senate shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, and Parliamentarian, which will constitute the Executive Committee. During the month of August, senators who will serve in the next fiscal year will hold an organizational meeting to elect officers for the new term. The current Chairperson will preside over the organizational meeting and no other business will be conducted. Members elected to the Executive Committee shall serve as officers for a one year term beginning September 1. The Chairperson of the Staff Senate shall be a voting member of the Administrative Council and shall attend the meetings of the Board of Regents. The Executive Committee may appoint ad hoc committees within the membership as deemed necessary.


C.    Terms

Members shall serve two-year terms beginning September 1. The terms will be staggered in such a manner to ensure that no less than one-half of the terms will expire each year. Members will be limited to two consecutive terms and may be re-elected after an absence from the senate of one year. In order to initially establish the staggered terms, the forming committee shall, as evenly as possible, allocate one and two-year terms to each EEO job classification with the stipulation that a seat in a representative classification having only one senate seat shall initially be filled by a two-year term. In the event that two or more new seats are added, the initial terms should be set so that the fifty-fifty balance of the Senate is maintained, with an odd seat, if it exists, elected for a two-year term.


Article III


A.    Elections

                Elections will be held each April to fill seats which will be vacant on the following September 1. The nomination process will be held during the month of March. Eligible staff may self-nominate if they have an interest and desire to serve. The senate will determine the deadline for nominations, conduct the election through secret ballot, and notify the nominees. All benefits-eligible, non-faculty staff members are eligible to vote for nominees within their respective EEO classification. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held. The election results will be published within ten working days after the election. In the event of a vacancy occurring prior to a regular election, and an alternate is not available, a special election may be called.


B.    Vacancies

Senate seats which become vacant prior to a regular election shall be filled by alternates from the respective EEO job classification, in succession beginning with the alternate receiving the highest number of votes in the most recent election. Alternates will serve until the next regular election and time served as an alternate will not be counted against the term limits. If no alternate from the respective classification is available to serve at the time the vacancy occurs, the seat will remain unfilled until the next regular election. If no alternate from the respective classification is available to serve at the time the vacancy occurs, the seat may be filled through a special election or the seat may remain unfilled until the next regular election.



Article IV


A.    Meetings
The Executive Committee will schedule regular monthly Senate meetings with a minimum of six regular meetings held within each fiscal year. One week prior to the scheduled meeting, the Executive Committee will meet to set the agenda. The agenda of the next scheduled meeting along with the publication of the minutes from the most recent meeting shall be announced to the university community at least three working days in advance of the meeting date. Meetings will be open to the university community except when in the judgment of the Executive Committee it is determined that the meeting should be held in closed session. Individuals wishing to address the Senate or place items on the agenda may submit a written request through the membership. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the membership. Members shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time to devote to Staff Senate meetings and senate work as part of their normal working duties. Members must inform their supervisors well in advance of time required to conduct the Senate’s business. Procedure will be determined by Roberts Rules of Order unless dictated by policy.


B.    Expulsion
A member who has three unexcused absences in a Staff Senate year shall be subject to review and possible removal from his/her position by the Staff Senate. An appeal for reinstatement may be filed with the Executive Committee by presenting documentation of good cause. In the event the Executive Committee upholds the expulsion, the next alternate in the respective EEO classification will be notified to serve.


B.    Amendments
Any full-time benefits-eligible staff member currently employed at Midwestern State University may propose a Staff Senate constitutional amendment by placing the item on a Senate meeting agenda. Constitutional amendments require approval by a majority vote of the Staff Senate and approval of the president and the Board of Regents.