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RA Resume

Five Tips for Writing Your Resume

  1. What is a resume anyway?
    Remember: a resume is a personal document; it’s not an official personnel document.  It's not a job application.  It's not a "career obituary" and it's not a confessional!  It’s your chance to display all of your accomplishments in one summarized document.
  2. What should the resume content be about?
    A resume is not just about past jobs! It's about YOU, and how you performed and what you accomplished in those past jobs—especially those accomplishments that are most relevant to the work you want to do next.  A good resume predicts how you might perform in that desired future job.
  3. What is the most important thing in a resume?
    Without a doubt, your NAME, and your CONTACT INFORMATION.  When your eyes first perused this page, did they drift over the above words first because they looked only slightly different than the rest?  Like this simple example, your name and contact information should stick out but be weary of using too big a font!!  YOU are the most important part of your resume.
  4. How do I go about formatting my resume?
    Generally, resumes are first categorized by topic (ex: volunteer work, extra-curricular involvement, leadership positions, work experience, honors awarded, objective, etc.) and then in chronological order within those categories beginning with the most recent.  Note the word ‘generally’.  Your resume may look completely different so long as it is concise, organized, readable, and consistent.  There is no problem at all with using your own formatting method.
  5. How long should my resume be?
    There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Most often, resumes are one page, but this does not mean that you should try to squeeze all of your accomplishments on to one page if they simply won’t fit. Keep in mind the average employer spends only 15 seconds reading each resume so you want to make sure that however long or short your resume is, the whole thing is compelling enough to read. Remember, a resume isn’t a life story, it’s a summarization of those things that make you stand out from the crowd, and you can always elaborate in an interview.  Some ideas would be to use a separate reference sheet and never have more than a one page resume if you can’t completely fill the successive page(s).


The Goals of an RA

If you enter my room feeling lost, my hope is to show you direction.
If you enter my room full of tears, my hope is that you will leave with a smile.
If you enter my room feeling like a stranger, my hope is that when you leave, we will know each other.
If you enter my room full of happiness, my hope is to share your excitement.
If you enter my room bothered by worry, my hope is that you will leave feeling at ease.
If you enter my room glowing with love, my hope is to share in your warmth.
If you enter my room bubbling with dreams, my hope is to watch them develop for you.
If you enter my room with a troubling problem, my hope is that you can confide in me.
If you enter my room, my hope is that we will both grow stronger.

Written by: Josh Feinblum, West Nottingham Academy