The Living Learning Program Experience!


Why Choose a Living Learning Program?

At Midwestern State University, we believe there are many paths to student success. Living-learning communities (LLPs) are one way to enhance your experience inside and outside of the classroom. Students enrolled in an LLP are housed together with access to faculty, staff, and programming unique to each program’s interest area.

LLPs are an excellent way to make friends and enhance your academic success. National research suggests students participating in LLPs:

  • Develop academic and social support systems more quickly than other students
  • Network more often with faculty and staff outside of the classroom
  • Engage more deeply with their areas of study as a result of participating in study groups and interactions with other LLP members

Students interested in a living-learning community may choose from LLPs linked to academic interests as well as themed interests. Academic interest groups connect students interested in a common major or area of study. These communities are affiliated with specific university programs or majors and encourage collaborative work in and outside of the classroom. Themed interest groups provide opportunities for students with common interests to live together and pursue those interests through organized programs and activities. Themed interest groups have no academic or major requirements.

LLPs in The New Residence Hall

First Generation

Designed for students whose parents or immediate family did not attend college, the First Generation LLP helps build a support network to assist you in your transition to the university. We will help you form meaningful connections to the university community, succeed academically, meet new friends, and get the most out of your college career.



The Business Community provides opportunities to live, study, learn, and develop a sense of community as business majors. Members learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, management, economics, accounting while connecting with faculty in the Dillard College of Business Administration.



Heath Sciences
PLUGGED-IN (Pre-Nursing)

PLUGGED-IN is a competitive LLP with limited spaces available to students who share a common interest in becoming a nurse. Participants will interact with top faculty and nursing leaders and experience state of the art technology in the J.S. Bridwell Simulation Center while gaining personal insight into their future career path.


Wellness & Recreation

Within the wellness community, students will learn how to develop and promote wellness within their everyday lives. Students will learn more about fitness, physical health, community wellness and more!

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LLPs in McCullough-Trigg Hall

Honors Society
Redwine Honors Program

This community is a home for intellectual engagement with students from a variety of academic colleges sharing ideas and learning together. Students who have been accepted and who are currently a part of our Redwine Honors Program are connected the moment they arrive.



Transfer Student

MSU recognizes the unique needs and experiences of transfer students. This LLP is designed to give you a jump start to success as you transition to MSU! Within this community, transfer students will have the opportunity to form strong friendships while acclimating to the MSU campus and Wichita Falls community. Participants will also have access to local events within the Wichita Falls area.



SOAR (Scholarship Opportunities for Academic Recognition) is funded by a National Science Foundation grant to provide scholarships for academically qualified students who demonstrate financial need and who choose to study in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) program at Midwestern State University.

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