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How do I apply for housing?

Go to Prospective Students on the Housing main page and apply.


How do I login to apply for housing?

Login: Mustangs ID (M12345678)
Password: Birthday (m/d/yyy). Example: March 3, 1990- 3/3/1990 (must use backslash, no zero)


Who is required to live on campus?

All students who do NOT meet one or more of the following requirements must live on campus.

  • Live with your parents
  • 45 hours
  • 21 years of age
  • Be a part time student (taking less that 12 hours per semester)
  • Taking ONLY evening classes


Is on campus housing available for graduate students, married students and families?

Yes! Bridwell Courts offers unfurnished efficiency apartments, 1 bedroom/1 bathroom and 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom apartments for graduate students, married students and families.


Do I have to pay a deposit every time I switch to a different Housing building?

No, The $100 deposit is a one time payment and it can be refunded once you leave Housing. Keep in mind that any charges on check can void your deposit.


Am I required to get a meal plan?

All students living in Killingsworth Hall, Pierce Hall, Legacy Hall and McCullough-Trigg Hall are required to have either a 150, 250, or all access meal plan. Those students living in the apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan, but may choose to add one.


How do I cancel my housing application?

To cancel your housing for any semester if you are a new applicant you must email ( stating your name, Mustang ID, reason for cancelling, and term you are cancelling. You may also come by the office and fill out a cancellation form.

We MUST have an email or in writing, no phone cancellations.

No refund if cancelled after:

  • July 1 for Fall semester,
  • January 1 for Spring semester,
  • May 15 for 1st Summer term,
  • June 20th for 2nd Summer term.


When can I move in?

The Move In date for Fall 2017 August 19th, 2017


Where do I go to check-in on Move In day?

You will go to the residence hall where you have been assigned.

If you are assigned to Sunwatcher Village, or Bridwell Courts you will go to the Sunwatcher Clubhouse.

If you are assigned to Sundance Court you will go to the front desk inside the building.


When will I receive my room assignment?

For the fall, first year students will receive a notification in mid to late July which notifies you of your room assignment.


How are assignments made?

Room assignments are based on deposit date and a roommate questionaire form.

If you have a specific roommate request, please notify it on your application.


Are pets allowed?

Only small fish are allowed in on campus housing.


What is provided in the rooms?
  • Killingsworth:
  • Pierce:
  • Legacy:
  • McCullough-Trigg:
  • Sunwatcher Village Apartments:
  • Sundance Court Apartments:
  • Bridwell Courts:


May I decorate my room?

You may use small tacks, small nails, poster putty, and magic mounts.


What size are the beds?

Killingsworth, Pierce, Legacy and McCullough-Trigg are furnished with twin size beds.

Sunwatcher Village and Sundance Court are furnished with full size beds.


Are cable and internet available?

Yes! Each room comes with a cable hook up and internet hook up. We also have Wi-Fi in all campus halls and apartments. We have digital cable in all halls and apartments.


Is the air temperature set for the building?

You may control your own room temperature in Killingsworth, Pierce and McCullough-Trigg.

There is one control per apartment.


Can I bring a stereo and/or TV?

You may bring your own TV or stereo. You may want to coordinate with your roommate(s) so that you can utilize your room space as well. Consider bringing headphones if your play your TV or stereo loudly, so you won't bother other students who may be trying to study or sleep.


What kind of computer will connect to the MSU network?

Any computer will work. You can use an Ethernet cord to connect to the network or you can choose the wireless network for free by registering at


Will I need to bring a vacuum?

Vacuums may be checked out at each hall office with your MSU student ID.


Items TO bring and items NOT to bring

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Are there study rooms in the residence halls?
  • Killingsworth: multiple group and individual study rooms throughout the building
  • Legacy Hall: multiple group and individual study rooms throughout the building
  • Pierce: individual study rooms
  • McCullough-Trigg: lounges on every floor
  • Sunwatcher Village: clubhouse has one group study room
  • Sundance Court: has group study rooms.


Are laundry services available?

Yes! Killingsworth, Pierce, Legacy, McCullough-Trigg, and Bridwell Courts have building washer and dryers: Free of Charge

Sunwatcher Village and Sundance Court have a washer and dryer in each apartment.


Is there a dining hall on campus?

Yes! All residents who reside in Killingsworth, Pierce, Legacy, and McCullough-Trigg Halls are required to have a meal plan through the dining hall.

  • All-access + $100 Declining Balance
  • Block 250 + $100 Declining Balance
  • Block 150 + $250 Declining Balance

If you live in the apartments you may get a meal plan or commuter plan but it is not required.

Dining Hall Hours

  • Mon-Thr: 7am - 2pm/4:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Fri: 7am - 2pm
  • Sat-Sun: 11am - 6pm (Mavericks Corner)


May I cook in my room?

Killingsworth, Pierce, Legacy, and McCullough-Trigg have community kitchens where you may cook (must provide your own cookware and utensils).

These buildings are not allowed to have toasters, crock pots, George Foreman Grills, toaster ovens, hot plates,etc.

Sunwatcher Village, Sundance Court and Bridwell Courts have full kitchens in each apartment.


May I have visitors in my room?

Guests of residents in Killingsworth, Pierce, Legacy, and McCullough-Trigg halls must check in their guests at the front desk of each building with a photo ID.

Guests of the apartments do not have to check in.

Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests.


What if my roommate and I don't get along?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are available to help residents negotiate a resolution to any issue that may arise. This time of adjustment is a learning experience for all involved. If roommates have attempted to restore their conflict unsuccessfully, the Hall Director for each building will help resolve any situation.


Do you have to go home during the holidays?

During Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and Easter residents may stay in their room.

Residents must go home during Christmas break, unless approved for break housing (either international student or employment) from the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Residents in the apartments are not required to go home during the breaks.


May I bring a bicycle?

Yes! You must register your bicycle with the University Police.

Each building has specific locations for your bikes.