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2014-15 Financial Aid Forms



(SCROLL DOWN for a complete list of forms)



Please PRINT, COMPLETE and RETURN these forms if requested by the
MSU Financial Aid Office

Students are encouraged to monitor the progress of the
financial aid application via
MSU's Portal!


 Summer 2015 General Application
(submit this form if you plan to attend Summer 1 and/or Summer 2, 2015 terms at MSU)


Additional Benefits / Expenses

Child Support Paid

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

In-Kind/Untaxed Income for Student

MSU Change Form

Release of Information
(complete this form if you want the MSU-Financial Aid Office to discuss and/or release written information regarding your financial aid)

SNAP Benefits Received (formerly Food Stamps

 Texas Application for State Financial Aid
(do not submit this form unless you qualify as a HB1403/SB1528 undocumented student)

TEXAS GRANT Statement of Eligibility
do not submit this form unless you have been awarded a TEXAS Grant in 2014-2015)

Title IV Charge Authorization

Verification Military-Clergy Housing Allowance
(do not submit this form unless requested by the MSU Financial Aid Office)

Verification of Other Untaxed Income

Verification Worksheet - Dependent

Verification Worksheet - Independent

Please PRINT and KEEP these documents for your records

Direct Loan Overview

Satisfactory Academic Progress Rules

Steps to Securing Your Federal Direct Loan(s)

 Withdrawal Refund / Repayment Policy