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Our Program

Prepare for a rewarding career with our easy-to-follow program. Midwestern State University is an approved Texas Real Estate Commission provider.

This certificate program offers you the required prelicensing credit hours needed to get your Professional Real Estate License.

Each student will receive a certificate for each course that is required by the state in order to meet the education requirements for a Professional Real Estate license.


What you'll get

Our program can be completed either entirely online, or entirely on paper, or a combination of the two (study on paper, complete exams online). Please contact us for more information about available delivery options.

300 Hours of Pre-Licensing Courses
All the hours necessary to get your license!

Mandatory Core
Principles of Real Estate I

This course provides a survey of the fundamental principles of real estate. The course begins with an in-depth look at licensing requirements for the real estate licensee. It then defines real property, legal property descriptions, land rights, and zoning laws. The agency relationship and the ethical duties of the agent, including those pertaining to the escrow account, deceptive trade practices and commissions and fees are then considered, followed by real estate contracts. The elements of a valid contract and the various types of real estate contracts are examined. Environmental considerations are explored, and a review of Federal and state fair housing laws complete the course.

Principles of Real Estate II

This course explores many important principles of real estate. It includes title conveyance, closing, settlement and recording, judgments, liens and foreclosures, listing agreements, real estate finance, real estate appraisal, real estate math, leases and property management, and real estate and taxation.

Texas Law of Agency

This is the only Texas-specific agency textbook that explains sub-agency, agency, intermediary brokerage and national agency law concepts in a logical teaching sequence, and in clear, straightforward language.

This textbook provides up-to-date material regarding agency law and regulations in Texas and helps students fulfill their 30-hour core course requirement for practice in Texas. It contains the most current material regarding law and regulations, as of close of business for the 1999 Texas Legislature. The book also includes over 40 case studies and their accompanying questions, which bring agency law to life and highlight problem areas that can often lead to lawsuits. Suggestions for brokers/associates listed in each chapter give students ideas they can carry with them and implement in their everyday work.

Texas Law of Contracts

This course begins with a look at the basic requirements of real estate contracts under the law. The requirements of the Texas Statute of Frauds, types of contracts and the elements of a contract are examined. The remedies for breach of contract and the Texas laws prohibiting real estate licensees from the unauthorized practice of law are explored. Seller disclosure requirements in the Texas Property Code, TREC promulgated forms, addendums and disclosures are all detailed. The requirements for contract for deed sales are summarized and explained along with the requirements for deed of trust sales, including the right of purchasers under contracts for deed to convert to deeds of trust.

Promulgated Contract Forms

This course is required by TREC after September 1, 2012. This course teaches the latest information regarding contracts and how to use TREC Promulgated Contracts

Real Estate Appraisal IV

This course begins with a discussion of the regulatory environment surrounding appraisals. The purposes and requirements of real estate appraisals are then examined. Appraising a vacant site is the next topic, followed by the process of appraising using the cost approach, the sales comparison approach and the income capitalization approach. The requirements for completing appraisal reports is detailed, and the course finishes by discussing special considerations when appraising manufactured homes, condominiums and townhouses.

Property Management

This course begins by introducing leases and the property management function. It then explains residential leasing, including the requirements for residential leases under Texas Property Code, Chapter 92, and the concerns of a landlord or property manager in dealing with residential tenants. Commercial leasing is then discussed, and the requirements and duties of landlords and tenants under the Texas Property Code, Chapter 93 are reviewed. Commercial lease clauses are then detailed, and the course concludes with a consideration of the federal and Texas Fair Housing Acts.

Real Estate Finance II

This is the only Texas-specific agency textbook that explains sub-agency, agency, intermediary brokerage and national agency law concepts in a logical teaching sequence, and in clear, straightforward language. In this course, the topic of real estate finance is explored. The monetary system, including the Fed and the U.S. Treasury are described. The primary mortgage market and the secondary market are both explained. All types of mortgage loans are reviewed, both conventional and government backed, and prime and subprime. The components of loan payments and amortization are also detailed. The loan process, starting with the purchase agreement, to the loan application, underwriting and analysis, loan processing and closing, as well as important RESPA regulations are discussed. The default and foreclosure process and the differences between mortgages and deeds of trust are detailed, including how these differences affect the default and foreclosure process are also covered. This course concludes with a consideration of several Federal acts affecting real estate finance, along with state housing activities.

Real Estate Math I

This course includes a discussion of basic arithmetic skills and review of mathematical logic, percentages, interest, time-valued money, legal descriptions, depreciation, amortization, proration, appraisals, calculation of real estate taxes, real estate investment and estimation of closing statements.



Midwestern State University is proud to assist service members with access to online career training. 


My name is Tracey and I am an army wife and mother of two and I just wanted to say that I am very thankful I came across StateCE / Midwestern State because through that program I was able to go to school for the real estate course for free!

It was fast and easy to get signed up and get started right away. I haven't been in school for over 10 years and the classes were not as scary as I imagined; in fact, they were very informative and easy which made me wonder why I didn't start this sooner!

Their customer service was top notch; they were so attentive I felt as if I was their only student. No matter the time I was always able to get a hold of someone at the school and if I didn't get through I would get a call back right away.

This program is a wonderful use of the GI Bill. Not many programs allow you to use the GI Bill without owing the military more time but with the real estate program through StateCE / Midwestern State it was like a two-for-one since my husband also signed up for the classes. I would recommend StateCE/Midwestern State to anyone; in fact I already have to several of my friends! Thank you again for providing the education I needed to finally start my career."

Tracey L.


Midwestern State University was very helpful in helping me transition from my military career to my civilian career. They were very professional and the customer service was very great and courteous. They were there to ensure I was set up with the right classes. Their courses were great and very easy to understand. Their online navigation makes it so easy to stroll through the classes without any problems. I would no doubt recommend Midwestern State University to all of my friends.

Mike S.


Enrolling with Midwestern University for the Real Estate Online Courses has been one of the best choices I have made. My very first interaction with my counselor, Thomas, left me with a great first impression. I was extremely motivated and excited to begin taking the courses! Thomas was friendly and had answers to all of my questions. He walked me through the process of enrolling with the VA for the Post 9/11 Education Benefits.

The course was constructed well and easy to comprehend. Online books are my preferred method for studying versus a traditional book, so I actually enjoyed studying. Upon completion of the course, Thomas allocated a mentor for myself from Keller-Williams Realty. I have then been in contact with my sponsor and he has been training me and guiding me in the right direction. I recently acquired a Texas Real Estate Exam Prep and the questions were very similar to the Real Estate course with Midwestern. I am confident that I will do well on the state and national exams. Thank you for this opportunity!

Marisela T.


In August of 2012, we were referred to the MSU real estate program. They were of great help to us, and worked with us step by step to get our registration ready for the class.

It has been a great experience. The representative answered all of our questions and explained things thoroughly so that we felt comfortable and prepared. After registration was done, the classes were self explanatory, with lots of reading; the quizzes and the exams are well explained and they are a good tool to remember what we have read with the realtor books. Their examples on the books and suggestions on the regulations were so helpful to be prepared for the class exam.

We couldn’t believe how quickly everything happened and we just finished on January 3 with all our classes. From the first day of signing on with MSU, they let us know exactly what they needed from us with the exam, and certification processed was smooth as well as soon as they received the exam our certification was done prompt as well. Our representative was of great help in every part of the procedure, even helping us with the information on where to do the Realtor State Exam and requirements.

They went above and beyond. We are graceful for their assistance with all our heart - we are both thankful.

Jesus & Rosalba G.


I enrolled for MSU's real estate agent course relatively easy and was able to finish all requirements within a matter of two months. Along with the completion of the course, StateCE provided me with physical reading material. The course exams were easy to complete and the reading wasn't that hard to understand and grasp. I expect to take the license exam within the next two months. Thanks MSU for setting me on the right path to my goals of becoming a license Real Estate Agent!

Samuel G.


Midwestern State was a fantastic choice! The learning experience that I encountered was far greater than I initially expected. The reading books were very informational and went totally with the quizzes and tests. This method of teaching is the way to go! I would recommend this training to anyone that is considering Real Estate but do not have any idea of the what, how, where, when about Real Estate. This course has really given me the confidence I need to pass the State and National exam!