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Class Expectations

SP for Aviation English, the curriculum and teaching schedule is divided into three blocks and a conversation hour over lunch:  Listening and Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary, and Aviation Technology.

In Listening and Speaking, students work on developing their listening skills, especially in regard to radio communication.  Students are asked to do multiple tasks simultaneously.  These tasks may require students to listen and be able to answer questions or respond appropriately while doing another intensive mental or physical activity.

In Grammar and Vocabulary, students develop their understanding of and ability to use grammar and vocabulary.  This is a highly communicative class that enables students to better communicate with their peers when they are on base for their training.  This class also focuses on phrasal verbs and idiomatic language students need for communication.

During conversation hour, students engage in contemporary conversation topics as they sit down with the instructor over lunch in the cafe area on campus or even to local restaurants so students become comfortable with the Wichita Falls area.

Aviation Technology, or Aviation Tech, as we call it, introduces students to the planes they will be flying and gives them a bit of a boost when they hit their academic courses at the bases.  In class students cover topics such as weather, physiology, and systems particular to the planes they will be flying.  These courses are taught by current or retired military personnel with extensive flying time.