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Tuition and Fee Information



Note: Also see other fees that are charged in addition to tuition.

Room and Board rates can be found here.

The following tuition plans are still valid. For expired tuition plans, please see the archives.

The following fees are not included in the totals listed below:

  • For residents of Oklahoma, tuition is the Texas resident rate shown plus $30 per semester credit hour. Students must apply for a tuition waiver through the Registrar's Office.  This exemption is only for continuing students working toward their first undergraduate degree.

Fixed Rate Designated Tuition Plans: The Board of Regents approved a Fixed Rate Designated Tuition Plan effective Fall 2014. The fixed rate designated tuition plan is designed to provide students and parents with more predictability when paying for college and to encourage more timely graduation within the four years of fixed designated tuition.The plan guarantees that the rates for designated tuition will not increase for students registering by the classifications below. Beginning Fall2014, students reapplying to return to MSU who were not continuing from Spring or Summer 2014 will not be eligible for a fixed rate and will be placed each academic year in the entering rate. Beginning Spring 2015, only new and transfer students will be eligible for fixed rate designated tuition plans.


Following the end of the fixed rate period, the designated tuition rate will default to the current incoming freshman designated tuition rate at the time and will no longer be fixed beyond four consecutive semesters. For semesters after Fall 2014, only new and transfer students will be eligible for 16 semesters of fixed rate designated tuition. Re-enrolling students not enrolled Spring or Summer 2014, who return to MSU will be charged the same designated tuition as the current rate for incoming freshmen each academic year.


*NEW* - Fixed Tuition by Groups

Graduates, Post-Baccalaureates, and Seniors


Sophomores and Freshmen AND all new and transfer students