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Current news about the West College of Education:

  • The West College of Education is currently in need of more scholarship money for their graduate school. Undergrad programs have more funding and a number of scholarships are available for our students; however, this is not the case for graduate programs. A graduate degree typically consists of 12 courses. At an average cost of $1000 per course, a graduate student is looking at paying around $12,000 for their degree just in tuition and fees. So that’s not even taking into account books, access codes, etc. For the coming school year we are hoping to raise enough money to give around 20 scholarships of $1000 each.

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

    The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree is designed to offer nontraditional students with workforce education, vocational-technical training and/or professional experience in occupational fields the opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree. Such experienced professional/vocational students may obtain credit toward this degree via regionally accredited college-level course work and/or certain types of professional and educational training.  Students who pursue the degree are required to complete the academic core requirements, thirty-six hours of advanced credit that is complementary to the vocational-technical or professional area, and any additional hours necessary to meet the 120-hour university requirement as stated in the catalog.


    The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree from Midwestern State University is often described as a general studies degree, but it can be as general or as specific as you choose. You have the option of a traditional, adult education, criminal justice, healthcare administration, human resource development, human services, or liberal arts concentrations. Depending upon your coursework, you may also pursue a business minor. The BAAS degree combines applied course work, a general education curriculum, and advanced courses specifically oriented to your career goals. This online degree completion program provides a direct route to a bachelor’s degree for nontraditional students.


    You must have a minimum of 24 hours of credit in occupational specialty to enroll in the BAAS program. These credits may be earned from community colleges, MSU, other senior institutions, vocational-technical schools, military training, ACE accredited armed forces schools, and work experience. MSU also accepts nontraditional credit toward the BAAS from various sources such as CLEP, DANTES, correspondence courses, work experience, military service and training, self-study authenticated by examination, ACE, and APICS.

  • Did you know that MSU offers a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology?

Instructional designers create, design, implement and assess almost any type of learning need. Our program is mainly geared toward online learning. The new instructional design and technology program prepares candidates to create effective online learning, for example 'just in time' learning for educators, staff development trainers or health care workers. Just in time learning is a self-paced tutorial that staff members can access online any time anywhere to help them do their jobs. These are usually short and sweet.

Another example is creating, designing and implementing more complex online learning to earn certificates, job credit or in the case of experienced Texas teachers prepares them for the master teacher in technology exam.

Instructional designers keep staff learning and growing in their jobs, design and maintain a social media presence online for their employer, and design any type of online learning environment.

The median starting salary for instructional designers nationwide is 55,000. If you are looking for satisfying creative career that allows you to travel the world or work from home, check out IDT! The IDT field has grown 32% nationally over the last few years and the pace is accelerating as more companies and educational institutions reach out for help in designing online learning.

Thank you to Dr. Whitehouse for all of this wonderful information! If you want to learn more about this program you can visit: https://www.mwsu.edu/academics/education/ed-tech


  • The West College of Education is proud to be CAEP accredited and is currently working on becoming CACREP accredited. These accreditations mean that students who graduate will have a degree that meets very high standards.