Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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MSU Annual Fund- Prothro-Yeager College: Fall 2016

Model United Nations: Four years ago we started a Model United Nations program at MSU. Although run by the political science department this is a university wide program and involves students from all six of the Universities colleges representing such various majors as Biology, Business, English, Global Studies, Mass Communication, Math, Radiology, Political Science, and Theater with a large portion of these students coming from the honors program. This year we attended the National Model UN competition in New York City for the second time.: This is a week long conference and includes the best of the best from around the world (a majority of students come from outside the US). The MSU delegation was awarded an Honorable Mention Delegation award and two students Natalia Zamora Garcia and Dareem Antoine also were awarded Outstanding Position Paper Awards for their research in preparation for the conference 

Our undergraduate students are also participating in extensive research through the EURECA program here at MSU. Earlier this year our students presented at the Southwest Social Sciences Conference in Las Vegas, and in April of this coming year, the conference will take place in Austin. So for the upcoming conference we will have students presenting research in History and Sociology, representing MSU again. 

Our faculty is also doing great things and we are in the process of applying for Federal grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH). Some of our faculty are also involved in a new initiative for digital learning together with other COPLAC colleges. This allows the best professors from the different colleges in the council to work together and give the students a better experience. Some of our students are enrolled in these digital classes along with students from several different colleges.