Robert D. and Carol Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services

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With the new building, we will finally have an on-campus state-of-the-art simulation center which will be designed and built particularly for this purpose. The simulation center will have at least 10 simulators, which as you know are very expensive, but still essential for our future nurses to practice and get that hands on experience that this career demands. 

In the new building, the radiology program will have a new radiology laboratory with five DR energized X-Ray rooms and a new portable X-Ray unit with a 2 bed patient simulation area for portable practice! In addition, the Joe Don Daniels Memorial scholarship created in memory for an alumni who passed away was created by the faculty. This is given to a Radiology student in need. 

The respiratory care program will have a new state-of-the-art laboratory which will include 10 ventilator and patient simulator stations so our students can learn, practice, and become proficient in operating the latest respiratory care equipment. 

Criminal Justice: 
The Criminal Justice department will be able to expand and occupy Martin Hall in its entirety once the new building is completed. This will allow more flexibility and also make room for the growing population of students, especially since we launched the new Master’s program a couple of years ago. 

Dental Hygiene: 
The Gaines Dental Hygiene Clinic is fully operational and as you know, the students always need people to practice on. So if you wish to get a dental cleaning, the students at the Gaines Clinic will take care of you for a small fee! The new building will also house a brand new clinic with 18 chairs complete with electronic patient records and digital radiography rooms. 

Athletic Training & Exercise Physiology: 
The athletic training and exercise physiology programs will be staying in the D.L. Ligon Coliseum since this is where they are closest to the athletes they work with. Last year they got a new metabolic cart for their laboratory classes! This will help them get more of the hands-on experience that they need. But there is still a need to update and purchase new equipment. Also, our students have been getting involved in more research projects, so we are continuing to support their travels to different conferences and expositions throughout the year. 

Social Work: 
The Social Work students and the community have asked for a graduate program so the administration is working on this possibility. This department works closely with the community and during Social Work Month (March) hosts several community projects where they hand out refreshments, invite guest speakers, and help raise awareness for many different social causes. A team of students went to Austin and were able to meet with congressmen and congresswomen to advocate for social work and awareness. Right now the students are working with the community and getting ready for another great “Social Work Month” and your contribution could help with their work!