Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts

For general information about the college please follow this link: Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts

Music Department: 
Enrollment in the music department has been increasing for the past two years. Ensemble offerings have expanded to include a percussion ensemble and this semester we also brought back the University Orchestra. Many string education openings in Texas have been unfilled over the last few years and we are excited to fill this need for string educators, in addition to vocal and instrumental educators in Texas schools. We are excited that we are in the process of adding a new recital hall that will cost in excess of $100K and renovating and expanding practice rooms and rehearsal halls for our students. Also, after recent retirements we hired three new faculty members who represent some of the finest young educators in their fields. 

Theatre Department: 
This year the theatre department is proud to announce the completion of the third stage of updating the mainstage theatre- we now have a new dimmer system and a new light board! As we continue to train young theatre professionals, we want to be able to also train them on the latest technology such as working with LED light equipment. Also, as you may or may not know, last year, our long-time faculty member Laura Jefferson retired and a fundraising campaign was set in motion to start an endowment for the Laura Jefferson Acting Scholarship in her honor. However, to start an endowment we needed a minimum of $10,000. We are still working to fully endow the Laura Jefferson Scholarship and only need a few hundred more dollars to finish that off! The theatre program has an exciting year planned opening and closing our season with student one-act plays and sandwiched in between are “Ghosts” by Ibsen, the US premiere of an interactive version of “A Christmas Carol” and Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost”. While all that is going on, we are working hard to maintain our reputation as one of the finest academic theatre programs in the state. Training our students for a career in theatre also means keeping up with the technological advances of the industry and supporting their achievements through scholarships. 

Art Department: 
Art Majors at MSU compete every year to earn a place in the annual Student Juried Exhibition. Many times, for these submissions, they purchase their own art supplies. As you are very aware, this is expensive and can add up quickly. These artists don’t just rely on scholarships to help with the cost of tuition. They also need scholarships to help with the cost of purchasing art materials so that they can produce their best work. Also, we have been able to expand the offerings that we provide them with many visiting artists and the purchase of new software and equipment for graphic design. We are going to start the process of adding a second drawing studio and have become leader in the nation on delivering drawing classes using the latest technology on iPads. 

Mass Communication Department: 
In today’s world, technology is constantly being developed and integrated into our work place. This is especially true for Mass Communication Majors who are looking towards a career in producing documentaries, creating graphic design projects, or working with any communication corporation in any number of related fields. In order to ensure that our Mass Communication students are prepared for their careers, they will need access to the new most current equipment that is being used today. This is why we are proud to announce our latest project: A new $5.5 million building dedicated to Mass Communication at MSU! The new 15,000 square ft. building will count with a newsroom and state-of-the-art digital TV studio with digital editing cabinets as well! Our students have been performing brilliantly in national documentary showings and some of our seniors even won the Barbara Jordan Award that was presented to us by the Governor of Texas! In addition, the equipment in the building will add up to close to $1.5 million dollars so our students can learn in a state-of-the-art facility, unique in the whole Texoma region.