Freshmen FAQS

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How long will it take to process my application?

Applications are processed as soon as all fees and supporting documentation are received. The admission process can take seven to ten business days from time of receipt of all required documents during peak processing periods. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that a completed application and all official transcripts and supporting documents have been submitted to MSU Admissions. Applicants are encouraged to check their application status.

How much does it cost to apply?

Midwestern State University has a non-refundable, non-transferable application fee of $25.00 for new U.S. undergraduate students. Applications will not be processed until the application fee has been received. Application fees that were not paid at the time of submission of your application can be paid using TouchNet Services.

Does MSU accept AP credit?

Yes. Midwestern State University accepts AP, CLEP and IB credit. Students need to have their scores sent to the MSU Admissions Office for evaluation. For more information please visit our Credit by Exam website.

How do I find out what courses I should register for?

Every MSU undergraduate student must meet with an academic advisor. To find out who your academic advisor is please contact the Mustangs Advising Center (MAC).

Is there housing available on campus?

Yes. For more information, visit the MSU Office of Housing and Residence Life.

What athletic programs does Midwestern State University carry? What division are you in?

Yes. See our MSU Police Department's Rules and Regulations for more information.

How much is tuition?

MSU Admissions provides an estimate of cost for 15 hours per semester on our fees website. For more detailed information please contact the MSU Business Office.

How do I apply for a scholarship or financial aid?

MSU Admissions scholarship applications are available online and in the MSU Admissions office.  For more information, please visit the MSU Admissions Scholarships website.

Additional scholarship information is available on the Donor Services site.

Information and applications for financial assistance are available from Financial Aid.

How can I get a catalog or class schedule?

MSU Catalogs and Class Schedules are available online by the Office of the Registrar.

Does MSU offer health care and medical insurance for students?

Yes. The Vinson Health Center provides medical care to all students, full-time or part-time.  Students may use Vinson Health Center without being enrolled in the student health insurance plan.

Student Health Insurance Plans are available. For more information please contact the Vinson Health Center.

What kind of assistance does the university provide for students with disabilities?

The university offers support services for students with a variety of disabilities.  A wide range of services can be obtained including, but not limited to, extended testing time, interpreters, note-taker services, scribes, reader services (e.g., books on tape, electronic text), registration assistance, and adaptive technology services. 

The Office of Disability Support Services also assists students with issues and situations related to advocacy, accessibility, on-campus housing, leadership development, and advising. For more information contact the Office of Disability Support Services.

What kind of career planning services are offered to prepare students for life after graduation?

MSU helps students secure internships and full-time employment by offering job and internship fairs, career counseling, resume and cover letter reviews and an online job search database. For more information, please visit the MSU Career Management Center.

Is it safe at MSU?

Yes. Midwestern State University has the advantage of being located in a smaller city with lower crime rates than more populous communities.  For more information, see our University Police site and MSU's Crime Awareness-Cleary Act

What are official ACT or official SAT Test scores?

ACT or SAT exam scores are considered official when sent directly to Midwestern State University from ACT Inc. (ACT) or from the College Board (SAT).

  • MSU will accept eitherofficial ACT or official SAT ;entrance exams to meet or exceed MSU admissions criteria. 
  • For more information:
    • Visit the ACT websiteto request your official ACT exam scores to be sent to MSU.
      MSU's ACT Code is 4132 .
    • Visit the College Board websiteto request your official SAT exam scores to be sent to MSU.
      MSU's SAT Code is 6408.

What are official high school or official college transcripts?

Official high school or college transcripts are transcripts received by MSU Admissions directly from the issuing institution. Official transcripts must be in their original, sealed, institutional envelope under the seal of the Registrar or Records Office.