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W-2 Box Descriptions

1Wages  - ORP, TSA, TRS & Parking Amounts Deducted From Taxable Wages
2Federal  Income Tax Withheld (020 & 022)
3Social Security Wages
4Social Security Tax Withheld (010)
5Medicare Wages
6Medicare Tax Withheld (011)
9Advance EIC Payment - Earned Income (040)
10Dependent Care Benefits - Tex Flex Dependent Care (TFD)
12CCost of Group Term Life Insurance - (LIT)
12CCFICA Hire Act - Applicable Gross (012)
12DDHealth Plan Costs HGP, HOF, HOP, HSF, HSP (TPS, TPM, TPC, RO4, ROL, ROS)
12ESection 403 (b) Contributions - (ORP and TSA) - Amount Already Deducted From Wages
12EEDesignated Roth Contributions Under 457(b) Effective 2012
12GSection 457 Contributions - TexaSaver 457 (TXS)
12PNontaxable Relocation Reimbursements (116)
13RRetirement Contributions Not In Boxes 12D, E, F, H (TRS, T90) - Amount Already Deducted From Wages
14AHousing - Taxable (126)
14BCar Allowance - Taxable (122)
14CTuition - Taxable (112)