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Important Dates

FY 2016 Pay Dates & PTF Deadlines

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) authorize payroll transactions. Payroll checks will not be generated without a properly completed EPAF. The approximate processing time for a EPAF, from departmental origination to entry into the payroll system is approximately 5 days. The EPAF process should begin as soon as the information is available, but no later than the first day the employee reports to work. EPAF's received after the deadline date will be processed in the subsequent payroll period. Please print this schedule and post in a convenient location to serve as a reminder of Pay Dates and Payroll EPAF Deadlines. The Monthly Pay Date is the first working day of each month. Click the following link to see actual pay dates.

Monthly Pay Dates Fiscal Year 2016


Semi-Monthly Due and Pay Dates

Semi-Monthly Due and Pay Dates are due by 5:00 P.M. on the dates indicated. Student and Hourly Timesheets received after the due date will be processed in the subsequent payroll period.

Semi-Monthly Date Fiscal Year 2016