Tutoring at MSU

The following walk-in tutoring services are free to all MSU students:

Tutoring Center

Located in McCullough Hall, the MSU Tutoring Center offers learning support for students in most general subject areas, especially math and science.  Tutors are available from 1pm-9pm, Sunday through Thursday.  To check the availability of tutors in a specific subject area, consult the tutoring schedule.

Spring 2018 Tutoring Schedule 

The tutoring center is closed during the summer!


What should I bring to my tutoring session? 

Writing Center

Located in 201b Prothro-Yeager, the MSU Writing Center provides tutoring on all writing tasks, from first-year composition to senior research papers and graduate school application materials.  Tutors are available in PY from 9-4, Monday through Thursday, and from 6-9 on Sunday and Thursday in Moffett Library Media Room.  For more information, visit the Writing Center website.

The Writing Center is open during the summer! 


Monday through Wednesday

June 4th 2018- August 9th 2018

9a.m.- 3p.m.

Prothro-Yeager Rm. 201b


How should I prepare for my session?

Departmental Tutoring

Some departments on campus provide additional tutoring in their respective areas. Check out the Tutoring @ MSU tab at the top of the Portal page! Departmental Tutoring 

Interested in Becoming a tutor?

We love hearing from faculty and staff regarding tutor referrals, but if you are an MSU Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Graduate student who is interested in learning more about being a tutor, contact us today to see when the next round of interviews will be.

You can complete the application located under Online Forms and bring it to the TASP office located in McCullough Hall Monday - Friday from 8-5. Faculty referred tutors will be preferred.