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Students participating in the "British Studies Program" initially tour all the famous sites to familiarize themselves with the city of London. This includes learning how to navigate the double-decker busses, the Underground (Tube), and, of course the famous London Cabbies.

Our dorm is located within 20 minutes of the theatre district, museums, and countless restaurants. Each room is private, with each "suite" of six rooms sharing a bath and kitchen. All rooms have internet hook-up and maid service. There are on campus restaurants and a "starbucks". Twenty-four hour security is also provided. Classrooms are directly across the "common" from the dorm. Queen Mary College is part of the University of London and is conveniently located within 20 minutes of the theatre district and historical landmarks such as Saint Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square.

Classes are typically small, seminar style, where class discussion is a must. Each class topic is presented by an expert in their field and challenges a student to explore and defend their position. Our program is unique by having guest lecturers and sight visits reinforce lectures from the American professor of record. This applied format will present the most complete perspective for students.

Following a lecture and discussion of social class, stratification, and poverty issues, the sociology class attended one of the most popular plays in London, "Blood Brothers". This musical has run more than 15 years and its popularity is due to emphasis on class structure. One of the great advantages of studying in London is the availability of many diverse field trips that help students to fully understand the material covered in lectures. There is no better way to fully understand the culture of a country than to experience it first hand.

Teaching across the curriculum is reflected in two or more disciplines combining for a common lecture. Sociology, Political Science and History might look at issues surrounding the British monarchy. Students in international business and theatre may examine the business of live theatre.

Classes typically run four days a week which allows students ample time to explore historical, cultural, and social points of interest. There is also a "mini-break" built into the term which will enable students to expand the travel to other points of interest within Great Britain and Western Europe.

Applications for the program which runs during the second summer term are available in the International Education Office, located in Bea Wood Hall, Room 106 or call 940-397-4038. Scholarships and financial aid are available. Spaces available for London are limited and students are urged to apply early. Students attending consortium universities should contact their international office or financial aid office for assistance.