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Pre Veterinary

Students interested in gaining admission to Veterinary school will select a major (any major is acceptable; however, most students select Biology or Chemistry). Biology major, Option C and Chemistry majors, Option B or C are acceptable for pre-veterinary interests. The Veterinary programs require certain prerequisites (those for Texas A&M are listed below). These majors get you the majority of the prerequisites but we have to add some extra classes to fulfill all requirements. It is also good idea to contact schools you are interested in and determine if you are getting the correct classes.

BIOL 1144 OR 3054General Biology with lab4
BIOL 2144General Microbiology with lab4
BIOL 3334Genetics3
Courses that fill requirementAnimal Nutrition3
CHEM 1143/1141 & 1243/1241Inorganic Chemistry with lab8
CHEM 2003/2001 & 2013/2011Organic Chemistry with lab8
CHEM 4243 & 4253Biochemistry (lecture hours only)5
STAT 3573Statistics3
PHYS 1144/1244 or PHYS 1624/2644Physics with lab8
ENGL 1113Composition and Rhetoric3
SPCH 1133, 2423Speech Communication3
ENGL 3203Technical Writing3
PSYC 1103Psychology3


Please refer to the Midwestern State University Catalog for current course descriptions.

The information above was obtained from the Texas A&M website below