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The thesis is the culminating product of the M.S. work in our program.

The Robert L. Bolin Graduate School of Petroleum Geology

The Thesis

Master of Science Degree completion requires GEOS 6983 Thesis I and GEOS 6993 Thesis IIStudents register for GEOS 6983  as soon as their thesis proposals have been approved by the Graduate Advisory Committee. The following semester they will register for GEOS 6993; they will continue to register for that course until completion of their degrees. A combined total of 6 hours “graduate thesis” credit will be awarded towards the degree.

A thesis is a formal report of original research. Theses in the The Robert L. Bolin Graduate School of Petroleum Geology need to fulfill university requirements and Kimbell School of Geosciences guidelines.

The university's Thesis Information page

The MSU Graduate Catalog

Step 1: Graduate Advisory Committee

The first step is to appoint a Graduate Advisory Committee. You will want to appoint a committee as soon as you have selected an area in which to concentrate your research. This committee will be chaired by your primary research advisor, the  faculty member who will oversee the bulk of your research efforts and provide guidance on relevant coursework as you progress. You need to choose at least two additional members of the graduate faculty to serve on your committee. Their involvement varies depending on your needs, but they will ultimately need to read and approve the thesis and evaluate your defense.

Graduate Advisory Committee Form

Step 2: Propose a thesis

Once you have a direction in which to work, you and your research advisor will work together to refine a specific topic for your research. You will need to draft a proposal document to be reviewed by your research advisor and by your entire committee. The proposal outlines the significance and scope of your thesis. They will in turn sign the Proposal Acceptance Form.

For timely progress, you will want to complete the proposal before your third semester. You cannot enroll in thesis hours before your proposal has been approved.

Proposal Acceptance Form

Step 3: Write the thesis

The Kimbell School of Geosciences permits M.S. candidates to use one of two format guideline options. Those not seeking publication of the thesis content will use a "standard" format, Master's Thesis Guidelines. Those preparing a manuscript for potential publication may alternatively use Master’s Thesis Guidelines for Publishable Manuscripts. Prior to writing, students should confer with their Graduate Advisory Committee Chair and agree on the format.

Standard Format

Master’s Thesis Guidelines (ST2017.01)

Publishable Format

Master’s Thesis Guidelines for Publishable Manuscripts (PT2017.01)

Forms to be included with submitted thesis

Thesis Title Page

Thesis Information Form

Electronic Thesis Publication and Distribution Release Form 

Step 4: Defend the thesis

Following completion of a thesis document that complies with the above policy and guidelines and is satisfactory to the Graduate Advisory Committee, the candidate then defends the thesis in a public forum, following the university and Kimbell School of Geosciences guidelines.

Master’s Thesis Defense Guidelines (TD2017.01)

Thesis Approval Form