Pre Engineering


Deidre Frazier, Academic Counselor Coordinator (Pre-Engineering)
Voice: (940) 397-8981        McCoy 107
Skype: deidre.frazier.msuadvisor

Students eligible for MATH 1433 or MATH 1534 or higher that have not met the requirements to declare an Engineering major will be advised in the McCoy School of Engineering by the Pre-Engineering Academic Advisor until these requirements have been satisfactorily met.

Engineering Faculty Advisors
Faculty Academic Advisors will be assigned when a student has satisfied all Pre-Engineering requirements.

Pre-Engineering Course Requirements

In order to declare Engineering as a major, students must first complete the following courses with a "C" or better in each course. Once these requirements are met, a change of major will be submitted to change the student to full Engineering status. An Engineering Faculty Academic Advisor will be assigned at that point.

MENG 1101                                  
MENG 1132
MENG 1202
MATH 1634                                   
MATH 1734

PHYS 1624                                        
PHYS 2644