Administration, Proposals, and Appropriate Uses of DDRS

Administration of DDRS

DDRS is administered by a Director of Natural Laboratories, who reports to the President of Midwestern State University.  A DDRS Advisory Committee composed of the chairs of the Departments of Biology and Geosciences (which includes Environmental Science), and the Associate Vice President of Facilities Services meet twice a year or more often as needed and provide specific advice concerning management and operation of the facility.  A Science Advisory Committee, composed of 18 scientists from Texas and New Mexico and across the U.S. and Mexico is available for advice on all scientific matters and proposals.  The Science Advisory Committee includes one representative from Jornada LTER, Sevilleta LTER, Indio Mountain, Mapimi (Mexico), Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, and a minimum of two scientists from Texas colleges and universities.

DDRS conforms to all the laws, rules, and regulations of the U.S.A., the State of Texas, and Midwestern State University and good practices of management and operation of the facility and budget.  There will be no charge for conducting research on the property; however, field station use will be $10.00 per individual per 24 hour period.

Appropriate Uses of DDRS

The Dalquest Desert Research Station (DDRS) was donated to Midwestern State University (MSU) by the Dalquest family.  In summary the deed restrictions state that it is the desire and intent of the donors, that the subject property be used for scientific research only.  Therefore, the use of the subject property is restricted to the study of biology, geology, including environmental sciences, and archaeology.

Manipulative research, collection of specimens, and permanent plots and transects are permitted, if they are part of an approved research proposal (Appendix 1).

Proposals to Use DDRS

DDRS is not open to the general public.  The Director of Natural Laboratories at MSU shall regulate access to DDRS for all users.  This will include MSU faculty, staff, and students.  Potential users must submit a proposal (Appendix 1) at least two months prior to the proposed start of the study and/or class and sign a Liability Waiver (Appendix 2).  Specific written permission by the Director of Natural Laboratories is required before users may commence research and/or classes.  Exceptions may be noted in the Letter of Approval.

Proposal Forms are available on this site, in the DDRS Office, Office of the Director of Natural Laboratories, and in the Departments of Biology and Geosciences.  Questions, proposals, and other correspondence may be sent by mail or email to:

Primary Contact
Norman Horner
Director of Natural Laboratories
Department of Biology
Midwestern State University
4310 Taft, Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Telephone 940 397-4164
Secondary contacts are as follows:
William Cook
Chair of Department of Biology
Midwestern State University
3410 Taft, Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Telephone 940 397-4192
Pamela Stephens
Chair of Department of Geosciences
Midwestern State University
3410 Taft, Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Telephone 940 397-4448
Stephanie Noe
Secretary of Department of Biology
Secretary of Department of Chemistry
Midwestern State University
3410 Taft, Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Telephone 940 397-4163
Fax (940) 397-4831